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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Plateaux Region


This project was initiated in response to requests made by the Directors of two new health centers at Kpalimé. The project aims to alleviate the shortage of nursing staff at these very young health centers which cannot afford to hire sufficient personnel. The project is open to health care specialists: doctors, midwives, nurses, laboratory technicians, biologists, but also to students who wish to get training and experience about tropical health conditions.

The volunteers will assist the nursing staff to treat and assist patients. The centers provide testing laboratories, medical services, maternity wards where the volunteers can work. The volunteers may work in other community health centers as well, in the prefectures of Agou or Dagne or Kloto. Training in the healthcare field required.

Language: English

Duration of the project: 1 - 12 months. Volunteers are expected to arrive at the beginning of the month (from 1st to 5th of the month) because of the training week session for each project.

Accommodation: The volunteers will live with a host family which is an opportunity to learn about the local community, culture and language. Volunteers are expected to be sensitive to the local culture and make an effort to integrate into the community. So the most important qualities we are looking for are enthusiasm, flexibility and willingness to experience something completely new.

Location: Kpalime

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