Jeremiah Program NY - Volunteer Empowerment Facilitator



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Times of day

Weekday Mornings

Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


The Gregory Jackson Center for Brownsville
Jeremiah Program- NY
519 Rockaway Avenue
New York
United States


Empowerment Program Background

  •  Empowerment training at Jeremiah Program is made available to Jeremiah participants utilizing Jeremiah Program’s branded Empowerment curriculum. The curriculum is designed to apply core skills of Emotional Intelligence that are necessary for a positive and successful lifestyle. Having completed the course, women can continue to build on and draw from their character reserves when facing challenges or any adversity.
  •  Jeremiah Program applicants are required to complete the Empowerment course as part of their pre-admission process. The training format includes individual reflection, small group and large group discussions, reading and homework assignments, case studies, role plays, and sharing life experiences. Although the length of the course varies depending on the structure used by the assigned Jeremiah Program location, it is occurs through multiple sessions over a 5 week period.
  •  Prior to leading an Empowerment course, facilitators are required to successfully complete the certification training provided by the Jeremiah Program. Empowerment facilitators are supported by a Master Trainer and Jeremiah Program staff.  



  • To ensure effective and professional facilitation of the Jeremiah branded Empowerment course.  



     • Facilitation of the Jeremiah branded Empowerment course at the assigned Jeremiah Program location.

  •  Model professional, responsible, empowered behavior including maintaining participant confidentiality.
  •  Appropriate preparation for each session to ensure engagement of and relevance to the participants.  
  •  Consistent and timely communication with Jeremiah Program staff, Master Trainer and other partners, as appropriate.

  • Accurate completion of all evaluation reports and other related data collection documents.
  •  Serve as an additional connection between Empowerment class and Jeremiah Program staff for the purpose of relating any necessary information regarding the class.

  • Qualifications 
  •  Demonstrated ability to apply empowerment concepts and model empowerment behavior.
  •  Understanding/awareness of dysfunctional relationships, healthy vs unhealthy behavior, and issues of poverty.
  •  Ability to relate well with people from diverse backgrounds in an open and accepting manner.  Recognizes and respects diversity and the unique contributions of each team member.
  • Ability to interpret individual and group behaviors in a variety of circumstances. Demonstrated strength in verbal communication skills to convey important information.
  •  Demonstrated group facilitation skills.
  •  Understanding of adult education and learning principles.
  •  Strong interpersonal skills, positive attitude.
  •  Excellent organization and time management skills.
  •  Willingness and ability to make a two year minimum commitment to facilitate Empowerment courses for Jeremiah Program.

  • Selection, Training and Supervision
  •  Facilitator candidates are identified by the Executive Director at the local Jeremiah campus.
  •  Candidates are required to successfully complete the Empowerment Facilitator training.  
  •  Final selection is made with input from the Master Trainer and Director of Program Excellence.
  •  All facilitators are required to:
  •   Submit a volunteer application
  •   Read and sign the following: Volunteer Agreement, Empowerment Usage Contract, Confidentiality Agreement, and Establishing and Maintaining Appropriate, Respectful, and Healthy Boundaries Agreement 
  •  Empowerment facilitators are supervised by the Executive Director or an appointed designee at the local Jeremiah campus.

How To Apply

Please send resume to Madeline Sanders, Office Manager via email at Subject Title: Empowerment Facilitator