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Bikes for the World (BfW) seeks additional members for its Board of Directors. The six current Directors anticipate identifying and electing as many as three to four new Board members over the winter of 2017-18, with the objective of strengthening the Board’s ability to guide the organization and enhance its effectiveness and sustainability. 

BfW is an independent nonprofit organization founded in 2005, incorporated in February 2011, and is now the nation’s largest bicycle reuse program. Its mission is to:

·      make quality used bicycles and parts affordable and available to people in developing countries;

·         enhance their lives and livelihoods through better transport; 

·      generate skilled employment in bicycle repair and maintenance overseas; and,

·      provide satisfying environmental and humanitarian community service opportunities for volunteers in the United States.

Bikes for the World is particularly interested in expanding its operations through collecting more used bicycles, franchising our operations to other cities, and increasing the number and effectiveness of our overseas partners. 

The ideal Board, as a group, should possess an array of skills, knowledge, experiences, contacts, and gender and ethnic diversity. The Board is currently looking to increase its depth in the following thematic areas:

·         fund-raising and grant-writing--we are looking for someone who isn't afraid to ask for money;

·         international development;

·         the operations and management of nonprofit organizations;

·         communication, public relations, and website development;

·         the operations and resources of the bicycle industry;

·         recycling and environmental concerns;

·         interaction with other local nonprofits, the local business community, and/or local governments; and

·         financial management and audit requirements. 

An ideal candidate should be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the mission and operations pf Bikes for the World, and eager to work collaboratively with the other Directors and staff to promote the organization in the community . Having volunteered with BfW or similar organizations is desirable.

Directors provide oversight and active support to the staff through volunteering at BfW collections as the face of BfW, at loadings at the BfW warehouse, and by direct interactions on specific topics; as well as participating in Board and committee meetings. BfW Directors are not compensated and must abide by BfW’s written policy statements.

We value highly engaged Board members. If you have not previously volunteered with us at a collection/loading or visited our warehouse (either the current one in Rockville, MD or our previous locations), we suggest you contact our Executive Director, Keith Oberg ( to inquire about doing so.

How To Apply

If you or someone you know is interested in being considered, please send a CV and a cover letter to Board Chair Karen Hendrixson ( explaining: 

  • Any relevant non-profit, board-level, and/or biking/bike industry experience.
  • What you know about BfW and why you are interested in committing your time and energy to us.
  • What characteristics and strengths you would bring to our Board.