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Finca Nuevo Mundo
Lake Atitlan
Sololá Department



Green New World is a small non-profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting regenerative and sustainable solutions. The first educational research center, Finca Nuevo Mundo is being developed in the valley of Tzununa close to the shores of Lake Atitlan in the Highlands of Guatemala to experiment and showcase regenerative and sustainable living models while restoring harmony with nature. Our models integrate principles and designs from numerous fields such as permaculture, biophilic design, holistic sciences, biomimicry, vernacular biotechture and appropriate technology with focus on shelter, water, energy, food and zero waste systems. 

We are currently building a Carbon Negative Net Zero model home known as Project HOPE which is an experimental prototype to develop autonomous regenerative residential buildings. The structure consists of a cluster of four interwoven domes made out of earth. Project HOPE integrates a holistic water system with a rain catchment, a water recycling system where every drop of water is used 4 times, natural grey-water filters, a hybrid renewable energy system and a sewage recycling system to make biogas while capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide and converting it to organic fertilizer and soil amendments. For more information please visit

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How To Apply

Green New World offers two positions in the Sustainable Living Volunteer Program which provides exposure to regenerative and sustainable food production. Volunteers are engaged with different permaculture, bio-intensive and organic food growing systems, maintaining the food forest and helping with wholesome vegetarian meal preparation for the school. We ask for a one month minimum commitment. Preference is given to candidates who are able to commit to longer periods. We ask for a monthly contribution of US$ 150 per month to cover food and energy costs. When staying longer than 3 months contributions are covered by donations.