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The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is an international nonprofit charity with a simple but powerful mission: to bring the beauty and bounty of fruit trees to those around the world who need them the most!

Our "Fruit Tree 101" program focuses on showing today’s youth the importance of fruit trees for their own health, as well as the health of their communities and the planet at large. We believe children should grow up knowing where their food comes from, and have the opportunity to take part in that system. There is transformative power in a child's first piece of fruit eaten fresh from the tree. No more school lunches with mealy apples, imported bananas, or mystery fruit drowning in syrup!

We are seeking an experienced volunteer educator to join our team as we travel around the country and world planting trees and teaching important lessons on food and the environment to students of all ages. You will join FTPF's Executive Director, Programs Manager, Arborists, and Volunteers in administering our Fruit Tree 101 programs.

The Youth Educator will be responsible for:

  • Preparing an engaging and fun presentation that covers the importance of fruit trees, including but not limited to: fresh nutrition, the environment, time outdoors, carbon dioxide/oxygen exchange, botany of trees, etc
  • Leading a 15-45 minute lesson that excites students about their new orchard and planting trees
  • Assisting students in the field as they plant the trees (training will be given by FTPF staff and arborists ahead of time, and the Educator is there only to assist)
  • All travel and other expenses related to the trip

Benefits of this position include:

  • Flexibility to join FTPF on only those projects that fit your schedule. Are you a teacher with summer vacation? Are you a student with Spring Break? Work a 9-5 but want to make your weekends or vacation mean something more?
  • Travel to beautiful locations all around the world; we currently have projects in Africa, South & Central America, and from coast-to-coast in the United States (even Hawaii!). We have previously worked in India, and new upcoming projects may include the Middle East and Asia.
  • Interact with students and communities who are looking to change the food system, improve school meals, and share a community food source with their neighbors
  • A rewarding experience working side-by-side with the people who will benefit from and care for these trees for decades

If you are interested in joining the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation on our mission to bring healthy, delicious fruit to students around the world, email us at




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How To Apply

Please email us with your work history and how it pertains to FTPF's mission. Feel free to expand upon your reasons for wanting to travel with us as a Volunteer Youth Educator.