Support a children's shelter in Tegalrejo red-light district, Semarang

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Central Java


This project was initiated in 2006 because of the need of prevention of STI and HIV/AIDS in Tegalrejo and Sukosari, the two prostitution areas in Semarang uptown. After the pilot project, this project turned the focus more on the education especially highlighting the mental side of children in the red-light district. The international volunteer group will support a shelter in Tegalrejo, where children learn their school subjects and gain soft skills such as handicraft, dance, singing, etc. assisted by volunteers. The aims of the project are:

- to introduce and promote the shelter among the local youth or students

- to motivate the children about the importance of education

- to organize activities for children in the red-light district

- to exchange culture between participants, local people, and local students.

Volunteers’ main duties involve running daily teaching activities in the shelter (language classes, handicraft, arts, dance, etc.), promoting the shelter to be recognized by local youth (youth club, high schools or university) in order to involve local volunteers who could help with daily teaching in the shelter, and organising activities with local people.

Project dates: September 12 - September 25, 2018

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