Organic farming and environmental awareness activities in rural Chitwan

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The Chitwan National park is one of the major tourist attractions in Nepal. You can spot wildlife and enjoy the nature there. Away from the tourist center, Sourha, a lot of local villages share a border with the national park. In one of them we try to establish a farm on several hectares of land.

In cooperation with an experienced team and local villagers, volunteers will cultivate many different plants on a big farmland. The land also contains a fish farm and is planned to be run in a way that provides organic products. Afterwards the villagers sell the produce. The profit is meant to help the local community with their everyday challenges. Houses could be repaired, schools improved and emergency funds established.

In addition to that, an important part of this project will be the interaction between the international volunteers and the villagers. Volunteers can come up with creative ideas to raise environmental awareness among the locals. They can play sports with the local school children and teach them about their homes. Vice Versa the local community will be pleased to give the volunteers an insight view into the Nepalese culture.

Project dates:

  • August 16 - August 29, 2018
  • September 10 - September 24, 2018
  • September 16 - September 29, 2018

Orientation: All volunteers are requested to participate in an orientation meeting in Kathmandu on the day before the project starts. Details about the local host, the project and the travel arrangements will be provided. All volunteers will travel together from Kathmandu to the project site by bus.

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