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Do you have professional skills you want to share with young adults? Are you interested in supporting small businesses in a changing Bay Area? Hack the Hood is a nonprofit that connects young adults of color from the Bay Area with local small businesses and professionals through tech and coding bootcamps. Read on to learn how you can support us!

Position Description: The Tech Coach will tutor young adults, ages 16-20, in their Web Development Bootcamp, where they learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and build a website for a Small Business client in Weebly. These volunteers will come in to Bootcamp ALL Monday or ALL Tuesday afternoons from 1pm-4pm. The Tech Coach will also support program participants in professional development by sharing insight on social entrepreneurship, customer service, and the tech industry. We prioritize candidates who relate to the experiences of our young adults, but we welcome applications from everyone. It’s fundamental that Tech Coaches can build rapport with participants, as they’ll be working very closely with and administering feedback to them.  

We will have two Oakland Bootcamp cohorts in two different locations near downtown Oakland. We seek volunteers who can commit to all Monday or all Tuesday afternoons.

Monday Tech Coach Schedule:

Week 1: we do not ask Tech Coaches to attend Week 1

Week 2: July 9, 1-4pm

Week 3: July 16, 1-4pm

Week 4: July 23, 1-4pm

Week 5: July 30, 1-4pm

Week 6: August 6, 1-4pm

Tuesday Tech Coach Schedule:

Week 1: we do not ask Tech Coaches to attend Week 1

Week 2: July 10, 1-4pm

Week 3: July 17, 1-4pm

Week 4: July 24, 1-4pm

Week 5: July 31, 1-4pm

Week 6: August 7, 1-4pm

Key Responsibilities:

  • Commit to all Monday or all Tuesday afternoons from 1pm-4pm.
  • Provide one-on-one guidance and feedback to a small group of young adults as they learn the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and build a website in Weebly
  • Treat young adults with respect and the growth mindset, that all humans can continue to grow and learn
  • Support program participants’ independent problem solving
  • Support program participants’ interests
  • Meet the participants where they’re at, regarding their skill level and professional development
  • Report anything overheard or experienced that could compromise a young adult’s safety

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Proficient knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and web development (a plus: teaching others in this)
  • Prior knowledge or willingness to get up to speed on Weebly, a web-building tool
  • Strong competency in managing the web and Google Drive, Slack, LinkedIn, and social media channels
  • Experience working with young adults of color, ages 16-20 (a plus: teaching young adults of color)
  • Eagerness to jump in and build rapport with program participants
  • Share and practice Hack the Hood’s perspective on youth development
  • A plus: Experience navigating the tech industry from a non-traditional background (specifically speaking to folks of color, women, members of LGBTQ+ communities, and/or individuals who graduated from coding bootcamps, community colleges, or are self-taught coders) 

Program season duration: July 2, 2018 through August 10, 2018

Time Commitment: Mon or Tues 1-4pm every week. Tech Coaches are invited and encouraged to arrive earlier than 1 to eat lunch with program participants and staff

Start Date: Orientation on July 2, 2018 at the Oakland Hack the Hood office, 439 International Blvd. #1, Oakland 94606

Finish Date: August 10, 2018

Location: We have two cohorts: one will be held at the Hack the Hood Office, the other near downtown Oakland.

Ideal Amount of Volunteers: We seek 4 Tech Coaches for each cohort

Requirements for working with program participants:

  • Available between the hours of 12pm and 4pm on Mondays and/or Tuesdays
  • Complete Volunteer Orientation on July 2, 2018 at the Hack the Hood office, 439 International Blvd. #1, Oakland 94606
  • Complete and clear Live Scan background check
  • Over the age of 25

Hack the Hood’s Framework on Youth Development:

Hack the Hood approaches youth holistically, as we support youth not only in their tech endeavors, but work to support their personal and professional development. We aim to foster a strong community—one wherein young adults feel consistently supported and can build trust with our staff and reliable adults who will forge mentor-like relationships. We are looking for patient and open-minded adults who have an empathetic understanding of various forms of privilege and intersectionality, especially in the context of the tech industry and the Bay Area. Volunteers must recognize that they too can step back and learn from the young people we serve, and strive to meet program participants where they are, both emotionally and skill-wise.

About Hack the Hood’s Web Development Bootcamp and Partnership with Small Business Owners: Hack the Hood’s seasonal programs introduce participants to the fundamental skills of coding and web development, and offer career and educational development. Our upcoming summer Web Development Bootcamps will serve two cohorts of twenty 16-20-year olds in Oakland starting in early July. Program participants harness professional soft and hard skills by creating a website for their clients, local small business owners (SMBs) who lack a major online presence. Many of these SMB clients are long-time community mom and pop shops who don’t yet utilize technology and social media or new business owners who are still establishing themselves. With a website and social media knowledge, SMB clients can reach new customers and increase profits. Upon completion of Bootcamp, participants are encouraged to take their skills to the next level by enrolling in more advanced bootcamps such as Code Berkeley or General Assembly. Hack the Hood strives to support youth in their next academic or career step towards pursuing work experience in tech. See examples of SMB websites created in Hack the Hood’s Web Development Bootcamp here and here.

If interested, please email [] for next application steps.

How To Apply

To Apply:

We encourage interested folks to apply ASAP. We are a small but growing program and unfortunately we cannot take on all interested volunteers at the moment. Additionally, we seek volunteers who relate to the backgrounds and experiences of our students, and we highly encourage Latinx and Black/African American folks to apply. We also encourage professionals who come from an untraditional educational pathway (i.e. attended a bootcamp or are self-taught) to apply.

Steps to Apply: 

1) Email with a blurb describing your interest in volunteering and your LinkedIn profile.

2) The volunteer coordinator with reach out to schedule a 20-30 minute phone screening. 

3) If the applicant passes the phone screening, they are invited to a volunteer orientation held on Monday, July 2nd.