INDIA: Art teacher for village children



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Weekday Afternoons

Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Old Village
Madhya Pradesh


PLEASE NOTE: We have currently three volunteer opportunities, one for art teacher, one for music teacher and one for English teacher. You are more than welcome to apply for more than one opportunity!

This opportunity is for our Different School for the children of the Khajuraho Old Village.

In local schools education equals memorising, so children are good at learning by heart but they don't understand what they learn. Pupils are not encouraged to think by themselves or to be creative. Worse of all, they are motivated to learn by fear.

With The Different School, we want:

  • our pupils to understand what they learn.
  • to invite them to be creative and to be themselves so that they can become confident and independent individuals.
  • and most of all, to teach them that learning can be fun.


Time of the year: Any time between August 2018 and April 2019

Class details:

  • Pupils aged between 4 & 14 years, divided in 2 groups (4-9 years & 10-14 years).
  • Classes to be held 3-4 times a week - one group in the morning, 1 group in the afternoon.


  • To awaken the artistic potential of your pupils, focusing on self-expression rather than copying.
  • To have fun with the children.
  • Be creative: you will have to work with limited resources.
  • That's it! You are free to work on any artistic discipline you wish, painting, drawing etc.


  • To have a good command of English & good communication skills.
  • Art degree a plus!
  • Experience of teaching a plus!
  • Flexibility & adaptability in new environments.
  • Experience of working with children.


Friends in Khajuraho Association is a French association acting in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India, founded in June 2017 and run by Indo-French couple Vio & Vijay Soni as well as their French associate Aurélie Cadilhac. Our mission is to allow the local population to live with dignity in a healthy environment through adequate education and resources.

Khajuraho is a small town in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. It is located south east of Delhi and its population is of 24,000 people. It is the main town of the Bundelkhand region, which is renowned for the diamond mines of Panna, the palaces of Orchha, and the temples of Khajuraho, to name but a few of its wonders. The Khajuraho group of monuments is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the most popular tourist destinations in India, Khajuraho has the largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their erotic Kama Sutra sculptures.

As it is a small town, Khajuraho is not yet too affected by dense and noisy Indian traffic. It is pleasant to live in and it has amazing surrounding landscapes. The residents of Khajuraho are very traditional and the level of education is low, especially in the old village where we live and work.


We also run a homestay, and according to availabilities you can stay at our house for 15000 rupees including food or 10000 rupees excluding food (we have a kitchen you can use if you want to cook). Please note we only have two (single or double) rooms to rent though. If two volunteers share a room we charge 21000 rupees with food or 15000 rupees without food. If our rooms are not available we will help you find a flat or a reasonably priced hotel. To visit the website of our homestay please click here.


  • Basically, we will make sure you are happy and comfortable while you volunteer with us!
  • We will reply to your queries before and after you arrive in Khajuraho, and help you plan for your stay.
  • We will pick you up from the Khajuraho station or airport when you arrive.
  • We will guide and support you throughout your volunteer experience, making sure yours is a good one.
  • If you want to learn basic Hindi, Vio will be running classes for our volunteers.
  • Material you need for your classes will be covered by the association provided you are reasonable. Please note that Khajuraho is a small town in which we do not find much. You will be able to shop in Chhatarpur, the big city of the district an hour away from Khajuraho, but it may be worth bringing some art material from your own country.


About India - Although India is incredible and we will do all we can to make your experience a good one, it can be a difficult or challenging country to live in. Basically, India demands maturity and awareness. India does not leave anyone indifferent, and it can be highly disturbing at times. India gives life lessons which you will have to open your heart to if you want your experience to be positive. This being said, you will probably have an amazing time and go back home a better person!

In Khajuraho, and especially in the old village where you will be working, people are extremely traditional and conventional. You will have to respect this and be culturally aware. Especially if you are a woman, we recommend you to read this carefully.

About volunteering - You will have to discard any preconceived ideas and be prepared to adapt yourself to a new environment and to the people you work with.

As you will work in a respected position for the local people, it is important that you behave in a respectful behaviour in their eyes. This includes appropriate dress, especially for women, no smoking or drinking in front of the community, respecting their codes of conduct - for instance removing shoes before entering the classroom or anybody's house or a temple, etc.


  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • International Volunteers

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