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Jambiani and Kizimkazi


Come and take part in this tropical island adventure in and around the white sand beaches of the matchless archipelago of Zanzibar, just off the Tanzanian coast in East Africa!

About the Project

Participants live in Jambiani and work primarily in Kizimkazi. With up to fourteen other volunteers, you will research and protect bottlenose and humpback dolphins as well as fish, birds, whales (seasonal), and other marine life that live on and around the scattered islands.

The focal effort of the conservation project is to monitor the human-dolphin interactions which play a large role in the amount of stress put on the dolphins and could potentially lead to a smaller dolphin population. The studies that volunteers carry out can advise the government to create the most ideal policies on how to regulate such tourist activities. The data collected by participants is fed into various studies and surveys conducted by the research and academic institutions of Zanzibar. The work and contributions that you will make as a volunteer are extremely crucial and much needed by the marine conservation efforts of Zanzibar.

Volunteer Work and Contribution

In addition to learning to understand and familiarize oneself with the numerous behaviors and habits of the dolphins, participants will also become acquainted with the community and way of life in Zanzibar. You will observe and study the culture and people of the islands such as the practices of the women: rope making, coconut husk burying, seaweed farming and bivalve collection. You could teach English (and potentially other languages as well) to local tour guides, plant trees, and assist students and the Menai Bay Conservation area in carrying out their research.

On a typical day participants can expect to wake up bright and early! After departing from base you may go to observe tourists and their interactions with the dolphins. Between boat rides and evaluating and entering the data collected for the day, you and your team might share your daily endeavors over a communal tropical meal.

Join now for the experience of a lifetime!!

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