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Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina


IESC – the International Executive Service Corps – is a U.S.-based nonprofit that seeks private enterprise solutions to problems of poverty in developing countries and around the world. By providing a mix of technical assistance and volunteer expert support, IESC works with emerging industries, financial institutions, and governments to stabilize economic environments, increase opportunity, and promote growth. 

The USAID funded Workforce and Higher Access to Market (WHAM) Activity is a three-year program that aims to stimulate job creation by advancing Bosnia’s trade integration with and expansion into the European Union and regional markets. The activity will accomplish this primarily via grants with SMEs. This activity aims to increase exports by 30 percent for assisted enterprises and create over 1,000 new jobs, half of which are for youth and 20 percent are for women.

WHAM will improve the capacity of high-growth and exporting or export-ready small and medium enterprises via grants focused on three intervention areas:

  1. Improve workforce in targeted sectors (metal processing, wood processing, and textiles/footwear).
  2. Increase market access. 
  3. Improve product quality (including new technology related to quality management and certification) and capacity building.

It is important for manufacturing enterprises and entrepreneurs to ensure a new product’s design intent is met and any potential issues with the design are analyzed and addressed before production begins, and especially before an important sales pitch meeting. With computer aided design software (CAD), designers can test three-dimensional (3D) designs to a certain degree, right within the software. As good as the simulations within the software have become, there comes a point when it is quicker and easier to build a physical version of the final product to get user feedback on the design. Making functional or simply cosmetic prototypes is one tool for producing such feedback.

In attempt to increase competitiveness of local SME’s and accelerate product development for the market and pre-production process, WHAM would like to organize a workshop for selected company representatives where they will be able to see and discuss some first-hand experiences in 3D printing for product development. 

In order to achieve that, WHAM Activity is seeking an experienced 3D printing expert (product development and prototyping) with a proven track record of successful industrial scale projects.  


  • Stipend Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


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