Protecting forests against fires in northern Portugal

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In this project, international volunteers will collaborate with a local environmental association which is committed to bringing nature and biodiversity to all. The general objectives of the project are: Prevention of the forest and the population against fire; Promotion of sustainability, environmental awareness, and biodiversity protection; Promotion of intercultural relationships, good environmental practices, and citizenship; Promotion of specific skills in the field of environmental management, nature protection and biodiversity.

Participants will perform environmental tasks and will also learn about nature conservation and engage in conservation-training activities in a forest near Lustosa (Lousada) which needs intervention in order to make it more resilient and fire-prepared. This forest also has an important role in protecting Lustosa village and Lousada against fires, since it has water and may also function as an ecological corridor/shelter for fauna. Volunteers' specific tasks include:

- Protection of the forests surrounding the village of Lustosa and Lousada (northern Portugal) against forest fires;

- Control of pyrophyte alien invasive species;

- Management of fuelwood;

- Construction of a water point for irrigation / control of possible fires;

- Rehabilitation of a degraded system for water transportation;

- Restoration of a small riparian forest;

- Improvement of local fauna, flora, and landscape;

- Encouragement of international exchange and exchange of experience;

- Presentation and discussion of the natural and social reality of the regions of origin of the participants;

- Promotion of environmentally and socially responsible attitudes and values;

- Development of action-training actions focused on individual and collective learning.

Project language: English

Project dates: September 3 - September 12, 2018 

Location: Lousada, Porto district, in northern Portugal

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