Heritage preservation and conservation in the historic city of Potosi

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Southern Highlands


Potosí was one of the most important cities in the world during the colonial period, called "Imperial Villa" because of the rich silver deposits in the Cerro Rico. During the 16th century it was considered as the largest industrial complex in the world. The extraction of silver ore was based on a series of hydraulic mills. The famous "Cerro Rico de Potosí" is a Cultural and Natural Heritage site recognized by UNESCO. The city of Potosí was declared Patrimony of the Humanity for its importance in human history. It is an important historical center of World Heritage, whose well-preserved structures and buildings attest to the events that took place here and provide an atmosphere of history and cultural richness.

Volunteer activities and workshops:

• Inviting representatives of authorities, institutions, local youth groups to present workshops on world heritage and the characteristics of the "Ciudad de Potosí" heritage.

• Forming mixed groups for round table discussions, in which proposals for conservation, preservation and promotion of Potosi's heritage are presented.

• Directing discussion groups and work towards realistic proposals that include indigenous rural population, urban population, youth, etc.

• Summarizing the work done at the round tables and preparing a document of good practices on the subject.

• Sharing the work done with the press, radio and television.

• Reflective workshops and discussions on the theme of world heritage and the relationship between heritage and biodiversity with the participation of volunteers, local community, authorities and civil society organizations.

Project dates: August 17 - August 30, 2018

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