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Conflict Transformation Series


The Program

The Conflict Transformation Series, is a weekly workshop offered in the men and women's units at the San Mateo County Jail. Each series is completed in 10 weeks and they are offered continuously throughout the year. PCRC employs a facilitative training style, and through our curriculum, current inmates explore and build-skills to address conflict in a non-violent manner. The program draws on the practices of restorative justice, violence prevention, and mediation. 

The curriculum series covers topics such as:

  • Conflict Styles
  • Effective Listening
  • Impact vs. Intent Frameworks
  • Speaking So Others Will Listen
  • Understanding Hooks and Triggers
  • De-escalating and defusing anger and heated interactions
  • Locus of Control
  • Addressing Assumptions
  • Defining Respect

The Position

PCRC recruits, trains, and supports volunteers to provide an array of conflict resolution services. PCRC is committed to building a strong coalition of volunteers from diverse backgrounds. We are looking for volunteers who have experience or an interest in working with incarcerated populations. Volunteers should have at least one year of mediation or conflict resolution experience and knowledge of restorative justice practices. The ideal candidate will have a desire to teach non-violent communication. Candidates for this position must be available for a minimum of 1 year and willing to participate in tailored curriculum training and ongoing coaching from PCRC staff.  

·      Commit to a minimum of 1 year.

·      Be available a minimum of 1 afternoon a week.

·      Stay up to date with curriculum, changes and adaptations, as needed.

·      Use a facilitative model and follow the PCRC philosophy and approach.

·      Maintain strict confidentiality and neutrality in all aspects of volunteering with PCRC.

·      Work to maintain the high quality of service to the community, for which PCRC is known.

·      MUST clear a background check as part of the onboarding process.


The right candidate will have one year of experience in mediation or conflict resolution and a strong desire to work with this population.


  • Training Provided

How To Apply

To Apply

To apply please submit a cover letter and resume to In your cover letter please indicate that you are applying for the CTS Volunteer Position. Tell us why you want to work with this population or any relevant experience that makes you a good candidate for the position.

PCRC is an equal opportunity employer and makes decisions on the basis of merit. We want to have the best available person in every position, paid or unpaid. Our policy prohibits discrimination made unlawful by federal, state or local laws.  In addition, PCRC is striving to become an organization that reflects the demographic makeup of the community we serve.