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Teens have a lot on their plate, like taking on higher-level academics, figuring out post-high school plans, applying for college, looking for jobs, and more. Volunteers in the Teen Program have the awesome task of being there to help teens navigate these hurdles and grow their real-world skills!

In this program volunteers spend 1 - 2 hours a week on a diverse array of potential activities. Sometimes it’s casual conversation and mentoring, sometimes it’s detailed and intensive school work,and sometimes it’s a sport or activity break. Whatever the particulars, volunteers can always count on each day being unique!

Time Commitment:

  • Programming runs Monday through Thursday from 3:00 - 6:00. Volunteers choose a day and time block that works for them weekly from now until late-May.

What do Teen Program Volunteers do?

  • Help teens get the most out of school and prepare for high school completion and beyond
  • Work with individual and small groups of teens while developing a positive and trusting relationship
  • Assist 7th - 12th grade students with homework, structured enrichment activities, and possibly college prep activities for at least 2 hours a week
  • Work with staff and other volunteers to help create and maintain a welcoming and positive environment

What are we looking for in a Teen Program Volunteer?

  • Enthusiasm for helping teens learn and develop
  • Ability to commit to consistent weekly attendance
  • Experience and/or interest in working with 7th -12th grade students
  • Ability to be self-directed, flexible, and patient
  • Ability to engage teens of diverse backgrounds and academic skill levels
  • Comfort with learning unfamiliar content alongside students
  • Ability to serve as a role model
  • Commitment to communicating with program staff about teen absences and concerns

What are benefits to and supports for Teen Program Volunteers?

  • Orientation and training provided prior to program start
  • On-site guidance, encouragement, and coaching from program staff
  • Relevant ongoing trainings
  • Onsite resources including computers, reading and reference materials, and college access information
  • Experience in working with diverse groups of teens and supporting their math, literacy, social & life skills
  • Make a difference in a teen’s life and your community!


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