Program Manager: International Children



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A few hours per week


United States



FIBUSPAM provides free and low-cost health care and surgical services to impoverished communities in the Andean region of Ecuador through our clinic located in Riobamba. Our vision for the facility is to provide high-quality, affordable medical care to local communities that have little or no access to medical services.

The majority of the people we serve are Puruhā, a pre-Incan indigenous group that is native to the Andean region of Ecuador. Nearly 70% of this community lives in extreme poverty and 28% of children suffer from malnutrition. The majority of the people we serve have little to no access to medical care and public health services due to discrimination and socio-economic factors. Within this community preventable and treatable diseases and injuries go untreated leading to further complications and hopelessness.

FIBUSPAM provides life changing medical care and hope through our primary care, dentistry, and ophthalmology programs. We perform an average of 20 cataract surgeries a week, which prevent inevitable blindness and provide surgical services that correct disabilities such as cleft lip and palette, attached frenulum, vascular and skin deformities, as well as disabilities resulting from serious injury. FIBUSPAM also serves the community through its mobile medical clinics, which provide care to the most remote areas of the region on a regular basis.

Our community-centered approach involves community integration and ensures that each patient is treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Over the course of the last three years, FIBUSPAM has served the local communities medical and surgical needs and has built a deep community trust. FIBUSPAM has access to the most remote indigenous communities in the region and is able to identify, treat, and subsequently provide continued care to families who would not otherwise have access to medical treatment.

About the Position:

Although FIBUSPAM’s clinic in Ecuador is effective and providing community-based healthcare and outpatient surgical care to Ecuadorians in need, there are many cases that we encounter that are far to advanced to treat at our clinic and such services are simply unavailable in Ecuador.

From time to time, FIBUSPAM collaborates with hospitals and partners in the United States to provide children in need with advanced health care here in the US. The majority of these children are burn victims.

The Volunteer Program Manager, International Children will take leadership in transforming FIBUSPAM’s connections and relationships with collaborating organizations in Boston into a sustainable program.

Volunteer Duties are as follows:

-Work with FIBUSPAM staff in Ecuador to complete patient medical applications for admittance to Shriners Hospital in Boston.

-Fund-raise for patient flights and living expenses while in the US (we have collaborated with Miracle Flights in the past) and coordinate their trip logistics.

-Identify patient lodging (we have worked with hospitality homes, and identified home stay opportunities in the past).

-Help coordinate patient pick up upon their arrival to Boston and help orient them to the city.

-Visit the patient during their treatments in Boston and/or coordinate visits with other volunteers.

-Write thank you letters to donors and patient success stories for our social media pages and newsletters.

How To Apply

Please send a short email expressing your interest in this volunteer position and your CV to