Software Development - Tree Tracking to alleviate poverty and trap carbon




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Millions find their next meal by cutting down the forests, a priceless resource that cools the earth and creates oxygen. GreenStand is working on a TreeTracker project to reverse the cycle. We have built a functioning prototype and planted thousands of trees to test our system. Now we need your help to take it to the next level and share it with tree planting organizations around the world.

We are looking for someone to stop by and help out with a few issues or some to lead a branch of the project for a few weeks or longer.

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The project is creating a transparent link to trees/planters while collecting valuable data on tree planting efforts. Once implemented this data-driven system will help us find ways to make living trees more profitable while creating jobs by linking funds to plant trees where our globe needs them the most. Success will be achieved when, for those who survive by clearing the forests, planting and protecting trees will be more profitable than cutting them down.



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