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To teach in Nepal you don't need any formal teaching qualifications. You will however, need a good command of written and spoken English and grammar, plenty of initiative, determination, motivation, a lot of patience and the ability to work with few. Predominantly volunteers teach English and Computer however, there are opportunities to teach mathematics, science, sports and creative activities. Basically whatever there is a requirement for that your skills set can accommodate. School may have set texts that you should follow, although feel free to use your own teaching ideas, materials etc to teach each subject point; others, particularly at the younger end of the school are more open to your suggestions. Exams are usually held each term and so it might become your responsibility to prepare students for these.

You will find Nepali schools very different to your own past experience, as they are often lacking in funding and resources. Class sizes can range from 10 to 40 students and generally operate from Sunday to Friday with Saturday off. Teaching hours vary from school to school, but are generally from 9.45am to 4.00pm. Teaching for five hours per day is the norm within a school environment. It will be up to you to establish your teaching hours with your school.

We are looking for volunteers to teach English and Computer in Shree Sharada Higher Secondary school outside Kavrepalanchok in central region Nepal which lies 75 KM east from Kathmandu Valley. PWS Nepal requires volunteers for a minimum of one month. The volunteers will take English and computing lessons for 8 to 20 years olds 6 days a week. Volunteers stay with local families in the village where the school is located and are expected to live and eat as the family do. We feel this gives you the volunteer a chance to live life as a local and experience what it’s like, plus you get to live in the community they are helping and spend more time in the community. The volunteers will take lessons in English using the schools text books to teach but we do welcome new ideas and lesson plans if you have any? PWS believes that by improving the level of spoken English and computing knowledge in rural area’s it will give young adults from those schools more employment opportunities later in life. The level of teaching in most Government schools in Nepal is low and they seldom get the chance to practice spoken English, just copy and repeat from books so we need volunteers who are happy to interact with the children while teaching.

Program Induction dates are usually available each month. We start program induction 1st and 16th of each month. It varies from 1 to 3 days or even a week depending on program duration. Induction period is considered part of your volunteering period. If you want to know more details about this position please contact PWS on the email address below. pws4nepal@gmail.com

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