Math, Reading, and Social Studies Small Group GED Co-Tutor Needed! (Monday-Thursday Evenings)



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Weekday Evenings

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A few hours per week


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


2303 14th St. NW, Ste. 100
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Help end the cycle of poverty in DC by joining the adult education teaching team at the YWCA!

We are looking for a competent, passionate, patient, and reliable volunteer to co-tutor in our evening Workforce and GED preparation program for the Spring Term, which will run from April 23 through June 21, 2018. We need volunteers to assist with Math Tuesday evenings, Reading on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and Social Studies on Thursday Evenings. All tutor groups take place from 6:40-8:00PM, although co-tutors are asked to arrive by 6:30. Group size will typically range from 4-8 students, and each group will have at least two co-tutors.

As part of this volunteer opportunity, you will be asked to:

  • Attend pre service orientation / training sessions
  • Collaborate with subject based tutor team and YWCA staff on a weekly basis
  • Implement students' individual learning plans
  • Suggest new activities/simulations/cases to improve overall learning
  • Monitor individual student progress and achievement towards individual learning goals
  • Receive assistance/support from staff whenever needed

Volunteers will receive orientation and training; prior traditional teaching experience is not required.

Participating as a Volunteer at the YWCA is a wonderful way to expand your personal skill set while reconnecting in a deep and meaningful way with the DC community. Participating also offers the rewards of watching your efforts translate into measurable results for the adult student community. Through participation, you will become part of a positive systemic change in the larger DC community, as success in this YWCA program leads to greater opportunities for sustained economic and social stability for our students and ongoing generations of their families.


Join us as we change the landscape of DC, one personal success at a time.


  • Training Provided

How To Apply

To apply, contact Jessica Wabler, Manager of Adult Literacy Programs, at to receive an application. You can also reach out by phone at 202-626-0700 for more information. Please note that background checks will be required for all direct service volunteer positions.