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Time Commitment

Part time (10-30 hrs/wk)


Finca Bona Fide
Isla de Ometepe


Project Bona Fide is a 26-acre permaculture farm and experience-based education center located on the beautiful Isla de Ometepe in southwest Nicaragua. Project Bona Fide offers a unique volunteer program for individuals interested in sustainable agriculture, Nicaraguan culture and cuisine, natural building, permaculture, and grassroots community development.

For more information on our program please read below or email us directly at probonafide@gmail.com!

Who volunteers on the farm?

We welcome volunteers of all ages and backgrounds who are interested learning more about regenerative agriculture, sustainable living systems, and Nicaraguan culture. You needn’t have prior farm/gardening experience, just an openness to learn, flexibility, and patience! We are always looking for ways to improve our current systems and/or create new projects to benefit the farm and surrounding community, so if you have a specific skill set or expertise, please let us know.

What does a typical workday look like?

Volunteers work together on the farm Monday through Friday from 6:00am – 11:30am. We break at 8:00am for breakfast and lunch is served around 12:00pm. The type of work depends on the season and the particular needs of the farm but may consist of planting trees, harvesting fruit/vegetables, working on the garden or in the nursery, digging swales, weeding garden beds, animal husbandry, medicinal garden care, organic fertilizing and pest control, building raised beds, watering plants, or assisting with natural building and appropriate technology related projects. If you are volunteering during the rainy season (June-November) you can expect to do plenty of tree planting and in the dry season (December-May) plenty of watering. There are also opportunities to plug into our food processing and fermentation activities regardless of when you are here! Afternoons and weekends are free for volunteers to explore the island or get involved with other farm work and projects.

How long can I stay?

Your stay depends on the available space on the farm and the movement of other interns and long-term volunteers. You can stay as long as you’d like, but we give preference to those who commit more time. Having continuity and consistency within the volunteer program is crucial to the long-term success and daily maintenance of the farm. Below is a basic breakdown of the different stays generally offered:

  • Visitors – No minimum requirement. Guests who are not interested in volunteering but want to have a farm lodging experience. Visitors can make use of all our facilities on the farm but are not expected to participate in volunteer work hours.
  • Volunteers –No minimum requirement. All volunteers are expected to work in the mornings and are not required to partake in afternoon activities or projects.
  • Long Term Volunteers - 1+ month. Long term volunteers are a vital entity to the farm. In addition to working the morning volunteer hours, they are encouraged to take on or participate in afternoon projects and activities.
  • Interns – 3 month minimum. Interns are responsible for completion of a specific project, and usually work on their projects during the morning and afternoon. They have the opportunity to manage teams of volunteers and are expected to be leaders on the farm. Generally internships go fall to spring or late spring to winter but are flexible depending on needs and schedules! Please e-mail Sabrina Kerin at probonafide@gmail.com for more information.

How much does it cost to volunteer?

  • Visitors: $25/night
  • Volunteering: Less than 1 week: $22/day, 1-2 weeks: $20/day, 2 weeks-1 month: $18/day, 1 month: $440

Aside from lodging expenses, you should budget another $10-$30 US per week depending on how much you want to eat off the farm, experience the town, partake in local activities and workshops on the farm, or explore the island. There is no bank in Balgüe so we advise stopping at an ATM or bank in Moyogalpa before arriving at the farm.

The Program Fee goes into the Volunteer Fund, which supports these principal expenses:

  • Three meals a day, six days a week and two meals (breakfast and lunch) on Saturday. Saturday night we close down the kitchen and eat out in town or explore the island.
  • The salary of our Nicaraguan staff with whom you interact daily.
  • The maintenance cost of the program and facilities e.g. new beds, plates, cups, utensils, building materials, farm system projects, and basic upkeep.
  • Projects led by our Core Team and long-term coordinators
  • Unlimited Wi-fi and a solar power charging station
  • Operational costs of the project such as Nicaraguan Municipal and State taxes

Visitors, volunteers and interns also have unlimited access to the medicinal, perennial and vegetable gardens, many of the in-season fruits of the farm, and our extensive research and leisure library.

Fee Required


Housing Available

Language/Cultural Support Available

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International Volunteers

How To Apply



To apply, please send an email to probonafide@gmail.com with the following information:

- Name, age, nationality

- Approximate arrival date

- Desired length of stay