Gamers United Staff Volunteer



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Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


East Lansing
United States


Position Title: Gamers United Staff Volunteer


Purpose: Acting as staff for Gamers United Foundation as an overarching and more permanent volunteer with specific positions, tasks and requirements dependent on the skills of the applicant.


This is more of a think-tank/group position, working and communicating with a group of about 5 people.


Location: Gamers United Foundation is based in the Greater Lansing area along with HQ, but will need to be able to attend conventions all over the Midwest.


Key Responsibilities: As a Staff Volunteer, you will:


  • Work within a team of staff to promote cohesion and a hierarchy structure.
  • Attend bi-weekly group meetings to discuss future plans and events.
  • Guide other volunteers and peers along the values of Gamers United Foundation.
  • Create and maintain mission related programs with the purpose of furthering our goals.
  • Lead and create tournaments, events, fundraisers.
  • Maintain a positive and inclusive culture within the gaming/geek community.
  • Network and make important connections, maintaining professional relationships with local businesses and various nonprofits.

Possible Staff Responsibilities:

  • Manage GUF Booth’s at various events.
  • Hold community board game nights at various locations.
  • Create and hold Super Smash Bro. Tournaments, or MTG Tournaments.
  • Create, host, or guide community D&D sessions.
  • Work with local college and universities.

The Length of Appointment: As long as willing.

Time Commitment: A couples hours a week to a month for now, with longer hours for an events. As Gamers United Foundation becomes bigger, the more work will be needed.


  • Facebook is a must for communication and group chat.
  • Pleasant manner, patience, problem-solving ability, dependability.
  • Must be comfortable with group work and uphold the mission and goals of Gamers United Foundation.
  • Must be an overall good person who values community, inclusion, and education.

Please include a somewhat informal "Cover Letter" and tell us about what gaming and geek culture means to you. This is required to prove that you read the job posting, you're not spam, and you genuinely wish to bring our values to the gaming community.

Perks: Play games at all kinds of events, get the chance for free tickets to anime/gaming conventions, network with local gamers and geeks. All while getting volunteer hours and helping a good cause!

Support: The Board will be available for questions and assistance.

Gamers United Foundation is a charity and education based nonprofit aimed at promoting community, mental health, and entertainment within the gaming and geek community.

How To Apply

Please include a small cover letter explaining how gaming and geek culture has affected you as a person.