Teaching and sports volunteering in kenya



Times of day

Weekday Afternoons

Time Commitment

Part time (10-30 hrs/wk)


Joseph Kangethe Road
Nairobi County


These projects are very many In Kenya schools. In Africa education is not as advanced as in the developed countries. Nations in Africa are still advancing slowly. Education is low, academic institutions are in poor conditions even in some parts children learn from trees shades, Schools not equipped with text books and other amenities.

Few teachers handling high numbers of children. This is why we have opportunities for volunteers to come over and offer support as teachers. Volunteers will have experience from this side and also, help in teaching and other school work. Its

  always an adventure for volunteers and eye opening to the world.Volunteers teach a range of subjects, including English,Mathematics,Social,Studies,Religious Education, Science and more.The senior teacher is the supervisor of the volunteers and is responsible to allocate the volunteer with lessons, and also guide the volunteer in preparing a lesson according to the curriculum used by our education ministry.

After every lesson, the senior teacher can check what the volunteer has taught and make any corrections if any found. Volunteers are free to choose the subjects they teach, and can teach as many subjects as they like.Lesons are from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 3 pm. Volunteers are also free to coordinate sports and arts at the end of the day. Many volunteers also opt to tutor some students during this period,Many volunteer teachers form a solid bond with their students, and will often be invited by students to join their families in celebrations or to accompany students on any outings they may take outside school. Kenyan children are extremely generous, despite the poverty they live in, and volunteers will always feel welcome and wanted.

To help in the daily running of our local school

Help local teachers in daily organization of the classroom. Work as support teachers, help give and mark assignments, sports etc

Some volunteers also work as virtual volunteers by fundraising to support a project.

-Volunteers can help in-Cooking,Sports coaching,

Washing,Fundraising to build classrooms,





  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • Groups
  • Families
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply


Nairobi is the city of Kenya and holds a huge population from different tribes. Kenya has 42 tribes and the same ethnic laguages.All the 42 tribes come to Nairobi to look for jobs, do business, and also get academics besides others and this is because is the centre for many things.

Nairobi has very best attractions for both international and local tourists.

In Nairobi there is the biggest national park in the city,in other words, the only national park in the capital city in the whole world-Nairobi national park ,which has a variety of wildlife.

-In Nairobi we have –Giraffe Centre, Snake park,Elephat orphanage, Mamba village [crocodile],national museums of Kenya,Bomas of Kenya [cultural dancers] and other may parks in the city.Its a city which is cool next to Ngong forest with warm and sometimes cool climate.

Volunteers can opt to visit all these areas and also generaly,in Kenya we are the best tourist destination in Africa with a lot of historic sites


-Mombasa coastal beaches,

-Masai mara national park,

-Amboseli national park,

-Tsavo national park,

-Naivasha national park,

-Nakuru national park,

-14 falls in Kenya


All these are best places which attracts a lot of people in Kenya and volunteers can choose to visit these places after volunteering period or before ,or during weekends when they are free.

You will be staying in a host family house. The services include breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week and you are free to come and go as you please, but must respect the routine and house rules of the volunteer house.House Rules

No consuming alcohol in the house

No bringing other friends without permission from the host.

 No use of any drugs in the house

You will respect other volunteers and the host family members.

You will respect local culture



We serve simple food like;


Breakfast – Tea/bread sometimes and egg/pancakes

Lunch – Rice and stew, ugali and green vegetables.

Dinner – Chapati and stew of red beans or beef and the fruit in season.


There is a caretaker to wash your laundry at only at 10- dollars per week if the volunteer doesn’t know how to wash or if the volunteer is busy.-All volunteers get a tourists visa and they can obtain it on arrival at the Airport which takes 20 minutes to be processed at a cost of 50 usd.