Sustainable development and income generating activities in Palca, Peru

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Palca District


This project was launched a year ago in order to create a local production center in the community of Huaruyoc and to improve the living conditions of the community members. The objective of this center is to generate an economic income for the community, working at the same time in an inclusive manner in order to involve the poorest part of the population, and using organic products from the area in order to promote local development that respects the environment.

In particular, the center works on

1. Eco-craftsmanship: compilation, transformation and production;

2. Agroindustry: collection, selection and transformation;

3. Eco-tourism: valorisation, inventory.The production center has been very successful and is well recognized in the local production landscape. The next step is the creation of a place of sale for the products of the center. We want this store to have a social dimension as well, serving as a meeting place for locals and travelers, raising awareness of local problems and fostering ecotourism development. The volunteers in this project will help set up an organic store to sell the goods produced by the center and will participate in the center's production activities.

The volunteers will carry out various activities, not only the organization and decoration of the store, but they will also take part in workshops about ecotourism and cultural exchange. The project tasks include:

• Preparation of a mural for the store in order to show the cultural identity of the area.

• Construction of high relief tablets in mud as a tourist attraction.

• Work with children in the creation of a Bio-garden aiming to improve the food supply.

• Participation in production and handicraft workshops in order to promote economic improvement for the people in the area.

Project dates: July 23 - August 13, 2018

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