Help get kids off the street and into the classroom in India

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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)




Many local organisations and initiatives in India work for the welfare of street children or “working children”. The aim is to take these children away from the streets and from their working place in order to give them a chance to live a decent and accepted standard of life. By placing them in centres, boarding schools or day-care shelters, the children return to the regular schooling system or vocational training programs to give them skills that would help them find a decent job and keep them away from exploitation.

Much of the development work in street children projects is based on education known also as alternative education. Therefore, the volunteers will be required to teach in most of the projects where they work with street children. Hence an interest in teaching and love for children is essential in this project, like all teaching projects. Other work activities will involve supporting the staff in the daily running of the schools.

A creative approach to work with the children will be useful and you will have the opportunity to initiate new mini projects or activities. You need to have a flexible approach to work with children in difficult circumstances and be prepared to undertake a variety of tasks.

In some cases the volunteer will be required to go amidst the “tent” community to raise awareness of the teaching program, gain interest and collect children. If you have ideas in teaching different kinds of activities such as games, songs, arts and crafts or sports and athletics to children, this project assignment is for you!

Duration of the project: Minimum duration is 1 month.

Arrival and orientation: Volunteers arrive at Kundapur by the first Monday of each month. The program will start with a week-long orientation.

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