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A few hours per month


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


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Making a difference in a veteran’s life!



The Welcome Home Group is looking for career coaches to work with our veterans/spouses in our innovative Interactive Employment Program. Be a part of the solution and work with us to assist them in securing meaningful employment. Our program is different from the rest and the success rate proves that it works. The reason is the quality of our volunteers. We focus on the veteran’s success through volunteer training. We give you, the volunteer, the tools you need to be effective and successful.

We require ALL volunteers to submit both a telephone number and an email address to be considered for all positions. This is because you will send us an email but when we respond, if it goes into your spam/junk folder, you don’t see it and feel as if we aren’t responding. Because you submit both we will email AND call you to make sure you are given the opportunity to speak with our team about the opportunity we have.

Visit our website at to learn more about what we do to ensure our nations veterans and their families become successful when seeking civilian employment and become part of an amazing team who makes it all possible!

Position Summary

Provides ongoing support and guidance to an assigned client throughout a 30-day period, utilizing the Interactive Employment Program (IEP), as outlined

Key Duties and Responsibilities

·        Ensures execution of the Interactive Employment Program (IEP) as outlined in Career Coach Manual provided

·        Ensures client understands program requirements and adheres to relevant deadlines

·        Providesclientwithprofessionalguidanceandfeedbackasitpertainstoresume development and interviewing techniques

·        Motivates and supports client in their efforts to complete program

·        Documents client progress using the company's web-based CRM system

·        Maintains clear channel of communication with all parties involved and actively reports challenges to the Career Coach Manager (e.g. client missing deadlines, etc.)

·        Participates in required introductory training seminars and monthly virtual staff meetings

Minimum Qualifications

·        Relevant experience in human resources, career coaching or mentoring

·        Technologically proficient, with experience in Microsoft Word, email and web-based data entry systems

·        Must be proficient in the use of the English language


Key Competencies

·        Ability to meet deadlines and achieve goals, without direct supervision

·        Efficient in analyzing information gathered and presenting it in a concise and structured manner

·        Ability to identify and correct errors in formatting and grammar

·        Capable of assessing completion of a project based on provided guidelines

·        Maintains high standards of consistency and professionalism

Other Requirements

·        Must be willing to volunteer a minimum of ten (10) hours per month (i.e.2-3 hours weekly, over a 30-day period)

·        Ability to work evenings and/or weekends, when required. Contact with client may sometimes need to be scheduled outside of traditional business hours

·        Must have a quiet work environment, and uninterrupted computer, internet and telephone access 




Training Provided

We welcome



How To Apply

Please provide email address and phone number.