NGO Internship in India - Women's Education, Empowerment and Coastal Conservation



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Bhavikodla Beach Road
Alternately - Mararikulam beacch, Kerala


The coastal area of south west region of India in the states of Goa, Karnataka and Kerala is one of the most popular and most visited destinations by people from all across the globe. Popularly called as the land of beaches, Goa - Gokarna region has been attracting a large number of tourists for quite some time now. Goa has always attracted tourists and has an image of being hosts to one of the fun and frolic times and happening parties. Some visit Goa for the parties, some for heritage and history, while there are others who explore Goa only for their beaches. Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that you don’t really need to look for a reason to visit this beach land.

The coastal region is also renowned for its beautiful and varied landscapes that lie in between the coast and parallel running UNESCO heritage Western Ghats / Sayadhari hills. There are also plenty of wildlife and landscape attractions along with diverse religious and cultural-heritage places, and the people and their cultures.

The tourism industry has brought new jobs and money. The socio-economic status / aspirations, work and life styles, life principles and values, connectivity to nature has changed. Though still there are communities depending on traditional fishing and beaches are their work place, however a greater number of people have joined the tourism industry.

The coastal health is impacted as people connect more to earnings and development rather than the issues of environmental health and natural bio-diversity conservation. At EcoDEVA, we believe that the people can be connected back to the issues of bio-diversity and conservation.

By volunteering to teach English and Environmental Health to Save the natural Beach, you can immerse yourself within the community and get to know more about the local culture.


Learn more about the social, economic and environmental issues affecting communities being changed by the modern development whilst teaching its children, girls and young women. Get involved in the vibrant and diverse culture by working as a teacher and awareness so reading volunteer., Based in Gokarna, south of Goa, and near Alleppey in Kerala, your can help and benefit the cause of community development as well as environment conservation providing confidence and and enthusiasm for the better future. To teach, you will need to be patient, flexible, a confident communicator and able to use your initiative and imagination. Lessons will be fun and interactive, developing learner's confidence and conversational skills as well as raising awareness about environmental and social issues.

The learner's are incredibly friendly and eager to learn making your teaching experience as rewarding for you as it is for them. You may be shadowing a local teacher at the school, or may be required to take control of your own lessons, the level of responsibility you are given will depend on your length of stay. You will be encouraged to formulate ideas and develop your teaching skills and techniques. It’s not just the work in the classrooms you’ll have to think about, you will have to organise innovative and effective lesson plans to teach new and varied subjects.

As well as this you may have the opportunity to help with lots of extracurricular activities which will vary depending on your personal skills and interests, whether that’s helping organise a school show or playing volleyball / football with the locals. Whatever you decide, you are sure to gain huge satisfaction from inspiring the local kids, girls and young women, whilst enhancing your own skills and experience significantly.

Alongside teaching and extra-curricular activities, the work involves sensitizing families and restaurant businesses on the beach about issues of coastal bio-diversity conservation and environmental health under guidance of the Program Coordinator / local resource person.

During your free time at weekends you will have the opportunity to visit the many beaches (about an hour away by trek, boat or bus including Goa.

Fee Required


  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • Groups
  • Families
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

NGO Student Volunteer Internship Programme in India

Our NGO Student Volunteer Internship Programme in India is a great opportunity for students from around the world to learn and gain on-the-job exposure in non-profit social profit and related social enterprise sector while contributing to the social good initiatives of the NGO. We invite interns from streams like Psychology, Social Work, Agriculture, Conservation, Business Administration (HR, Marketing, Sales), Communications & PR, Gender Studies, International Development, and others.

The objective of the NGO Student Volunteer Internship Programme in India is to provide students with intense, practical opportunities to learn and experience the constituents of the non-profit sector, as well as contribute to NGO initiative of their areas of interest.

It is a completely voluntary, unpaid assignment. As a self-financed program, you may organise the funding from your college/university, an external scholarship or your own-self. We charge real time expenses and small margin of contribution to volunteer-internship support services, welfare projects and affiliate initiatives from the potentially selected volunteers at the time of signing the contract. The charges are economical, affordable and value for time and experience. The fee will vary depending on locations and duration of volunteer work. EcoDEVA can only pay reimbursements on agreed upon expenses, you would incur during the course of your internship.

Eligibility criteria

• Age 21 to 35 years of age

• Should be in university education / recent (post) graduate / youth professional

• Should be able to put in a minimum of 3-6 months

• Should give full time intensive commitment

• Should believe in values and principles of EcoDEVA and its affiliate initiatives, that include – Youth in Leadership, Sustainable Development, Community Oriented and Engaged Work, Accountability, Secularism, Non-Violence, Environmental Consciousness, Cultural Empathy, Social Entrepreneurship, Volunteer action, Experiential Learning, Innovation, Working in Partnership

Internship Fee:

Duration in months up to 3 to 6

Fee (in USD) 970 to 1270

EcoDEVA provides contracted volunteer interns a furnished accommodation and a workplace with landline broadband or mobile phone based internet facility. The food can be organised by the organisation or individuals may cook in the available kitchen or eat with the family in case of a preferred home-stay.

An interview with the Program Director / Coordinator will follow this application where you may clarify many of the questions that you may have regarding the volunteer internship program or the organisation and its work.