Teacher's Assistant on Beautiful Canoa Beach



Times of day

Weekday Mornings

Time Commitment

Part time (10-30 hrs/wk)


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Canoa, San Vicente


Teacher’s assistants will support current teachers in their every-day activities. The volunteer may help with students ages 5-8, where the same teacher stays with one group all day. The volunteer could also help with groups ages 9-11, who receive classes by area: Language, Math, Science/Social Studies, and English. The volunteer will have direct contact with the students through small group activities. They may also help the teacher preparing materials for the next day’s class or for school events. In order to support classes which are not English classes, it is recommended the the volunteer have a basic grasp of Spanish language. If not, the volunteer may choose to only assist the English teacher. We don't impose a minimum stay, but it takes a week or two to adapt to the culture and surroundings, so at least two weeks are recommended.

Visiting in Canoa:

Canoa is Ecuador's longest sandy beach! Enjoy spectacular sunsets, surfing, dancing, paragliding, horseback riding, yoga and much more. Cocktails and groceries are inexpensive, the locals are very friendly and helpful, and there is a solid ex-pat community for those who are still learning Spanish. For housing, you could stay in a local hostel, or with a host family whose daughter is in first grade at the school. Coming soon, we will have a volunteer house outside of town where you could stay for just $40 a week!


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