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Santa Elena
Provincia de Santa Elena


Jose’s Hands offers scholarships to dental students, 1st year medical school and 4th year pharmacy students only. We have formed an unique and strong partnership between Jose’s Hands, and Blanca’s House (BH). Together we will harness the expertise of dedicated health and medical professionals to address a myriad of health challenges in Ecuador.

The main goal of our medical mission is to provide medical care to a large number of underserved people in the area of Santa Elena, and El Empalme, Ecuadora 5-day trip to provide medical help to an underserved community in Ecuador. Students will be led by Ecuadorian and American medical professionals, Blanca’s House differentiates themselves from other medical mission organizations because they pride themselves in offering patients a variety of medical procedures and surgeries in areas including dentistry, gynecology, gastroenterology, plastic-surgery, general surgery,orthopedic surgery, dental care and surgery , audiological services, and ENT services.

Santa Elena, Ecuador Trip

Specialties: Plastic Surgery, General Surgery (hernia, gall bladder), Ophthalmology (cataracts)

El Empalme, Ecuador Trip

Specialty: Dental


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International Volunteers

How To Apply

International students should check with their specific country of residence (country with whom they hold passport) to determine if there are any necessary papers or forms required for travel to a specific country. Blanca’s House requires a color copy of every volunteer’s current passport as part of their application process. This is submitted to the host country.  Blanca’s House obtains the necessary work visa for each member of the team.


  • Tuesday: Depart JFK to Guayaquil, Arrive Ecuador in the evening.
  • Wednesday: Arrive Guayaquil, Ecuador transportation to Santa Elena or El Empalme, Unpack cargo, set-up and begin surgeries in afternoon.
  • Thursday: Rounds, Surgeries 7:00 am – completition. (usually 12-14 hours)
  • Friday: Rounds, Surgeries 7:00 am – completition. (usually 12-14 hours)
  • Saturday: Rounds, Surgeries 7:00am, Sort and pack supplies. Late afternoon: rest and relaxation. Evening: Closing remarks and celebration
  • Sunday: Return to JFK from Guayaquil, EC mid-afternoon.