Organizing Summer program for children in rural Nam Dinh, Vietnam

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Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Giao Thuy
Nam Dinh


The aim of the international volunteer group is to organize a summer program for poor children from Giao Xuan village. The volunteers will help to paint the rooms in kindergartens; will organize games and leisure activities for the poor children; will teach basic English through games, activities, songs…

Giao Xuan is one of the poor villages of Nam Dinh province. More than 90% of the villagers are poor farmers and fishermen, therefore the standard of living is very low in this community. Giao Xuan kindergarten was established in August, 1990. There are now more than 100 children coming to this school every week. Since this is the only school in whole village, the living conditions of the children here are very poor and renovations are needed.

Project dates: July 3 - July 14, 2018

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