A different volunteering in the central Andes of Peru helping children and women in situations of risk and exclusion



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Minka, in the language of the Incas means reciprocal help, is a voluntary social work project that is helping many people of the Andean people to improve their living situation because many of them are in a situation of extreme poverty and social exclusion and cultural, children lack adequate education or simply do not attend school, in addition to having learning problems due to malnutrition and exclusion because they are descendants of Andean families. This is compounded by problems common to immigrant families, such as a difficult adjustment, lack of opportunities, abandonment and family violence.

We are a small organization legally established and that is driven by volunteers with studies and extensive experience practiced in socio-economic, cultural and cosmovision of the Andean and Inca people.

We work continuously since 2009, Our social work is very direct, this means a greater and better way of help and social intervention in areas where more help is needed, in addition a better understanding of the social and cultural reality of the area is promoted. and families in a very personalized and experiential way.

In addition, on weekends we are pleased to share an exchange experience and excursions to many interesting places such as: mountains, lagoons, jungles and Andean artisan villages and learn about the living culture that still exists in the Peruvian Andes because it is here in our area We can live and experience these experiences in a natural way, without being involved in very touristy experiences.

we are also open to share with you our knowledge and experience in cultural topics of the Andean and Inca worldview (Reiki and Inca yoga in the mountains, munay, positive connection rituals, etc.)


* To be over 18 years old

* ability to work as a team and keep the group together.

* People who are determined and who are clear about their participation in a project of this nature.

* possess a positive, adaptable and open mentality

* ability to integrate into a multicultural team-

* And eager to help others!

** COST:

The only amount of the contribution is 190 dollars and covers the first two weeks of participation, the following weeks is 50 dollars for each additional week.


discounts to people committed to our cause, total exoneration of the amount of the contribution from the second month, previous evaluation.


In addition to the above, as a reward for your contribution as a volunteer we offer accommodation in a spacious and comfortable environment, exchanges, practical lessons in Spanish and documentation issued by a non-profit organization legally constituted in Peru, professional practices are validated.

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