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Deputy Chief HR Officer

Híbrido, El trabajo se debe realizar en o cerca de Boston, MA


Tipo de contrato:A Tiempo Completo
Fecha límite de postulación:5 de agosto de 2024
Salario:USD $134.294,41 - $190.293,97 / año


Position Summary: Working within the Human Resources Department of the Office of Court Management (OCM), the Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer (Deputy CHRO) assists the CHRO in overseeing all aspects of the Human Resources Department, its service units, policies, practices, and operations, as well as HR’s integral role in driving the Trial Court’s strategic plans.  The Deputy will identify key engagement drivers and develop supporting strategies to align employees, business processes, and HR services all in order to achieve a higher performing department that partners the best possible recruitment and retention of talent. In order to meet the Trial Court’s evolving needs as an employer of choice, the Deputy CHRO will also collaborate with the HR Department’s senior management team and their work units to deliver the highest level of customer service, supporting both Trial Court leadership and hiring managers, and continuously improving the Trial Court’s employee value proposition (EVP) for its employees.

Supervision Received: 

Duties: The Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for the following:

Supports the CHRO in ensuring quality service and accountability for all units of the Human Resources Department;

Facilitates collaboration among HR units, ensuring teamwork and active participation in all work flow process re-engineering and innovation efforts, as well as supporting change management activities;

Guides the implementation and communication of HR best practices statewide in all Trial Court Departments, regularly collaborating with and informing all court stakeholders of progress on new HR initiatives and programs;

Provides guidance and support to the human resource functional units by advancing process improvements, enhancing personnel policies and procedures, leading strategic initiatives, managing performance measures in the Department, and coordinating professional development for the HR team;

Serves as a proxy for the CHRO as necessary, providing advice and information on Human Resources matters to the Court Administrator, the Chief Justice of the Trial Court, Departmental Chief Justices, Deputy Court Administrators, OCM Directors, the Commissioner of Probation, the Jury Commissioner, Department Heads, and other court officials and personnel;

Oversees multiple complex projects simultaneously to ensure the adoption of project management standards, including managing and mitigating risks and fostering proactive stakeholder engagement and communication;

Represents the CHRO at meetings, conferences, and other events as necessary, and serves on various Trial Court committees as the representative of the CHRO;

Drives employee engagement throughout the Trial Court, ensuring that all HR units develop transparent, communicative, and participatory approach in providing service and information to the workforce; continuously improving the Trial Court’s employee value proposition (EVP) for its employees;

Works with the CHRO to draft long-range strategic planning efforts in order to anticipate and plan for innovative changes that promote people productivity, organizational efficiency, and cost effectiveness;

Is responsible for ensuring that the Human Resources Department’s goals and service level commitments are communicated and understood at all levels, which includes taking all necessary steps for realizing a service-oriented, high performance culture;

Manages administrative matters such as preparing requests for proposals and contracts, preparing routine or special reports, performing research, or advancing initiatives and studies that enhance HR’s ability to reach its strategic goals;

Advises the CHRO of industry trends in HR metrics, talent acquisition, benefits, compensation and classification, performance management, onboarding, engagement and employee retention, new employment legislation, and organizational compliance;

Proposes implementation plans for the most effective new HR standards and best practices, ensuring optimal performance of the Human Resources Department, which in turn influences the performance of the various departments and Trial Court operations at large;

Assists the CHRO in reviews and making recommendations to the Executive Office of the Trial Court (EOTC), Office of Court Management (OCM), and the seven Trial Court departments on improving organization policies, procedures, and practices on personnel matters;

Actively seeks ways to successfully integrate and communicate benefits of the HR operating model throughout the Trial Court in order to achieve operational excellence;

Applies consistency in administering human resources policies and procedures to ensure that employees receive appropriate and equitable treatment;

Regularly participates in events, conferences, seminars, and workshops for purposes of professional development;

Plays an analytical role to monitor, analyze, and identify strategic needs, gaps, and risks;

Leverages management tools that identify, align, and build on the organization’s human capital capabilities in order to achieve overall results and reach desired targets;

Plans for and analyzes staffing needs; assesses designs, develops and evaluates current staffing and resource allocation;

Ensures that the Trial Court works closely with union representatives on all initiatives that affect union members in order to maintain and enhance labor relations; and

Performs other related duties as required by the CHRO.

Minimum Requirements: These are the minimum requirements necessary to apply for the position of Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer:

Education: A bachelor’s degree and (7) seven years of practical senior management level experience in the field of human resources; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Professional Background: A employment background that demonstrates a record of initiating HR best practices, with experience as a leader in a statewide project and/or business process redesign; including experience successfully communicating the related change management component; work history should also demonstrate the consistent application of policies, and innovative approaches to human resources management; a graduate degree and/or certifications such as SPHR or Lean/Six Sigma are desirable;

Position Summary: Working within the Human Resources Department of the Office of Court Management (OCM), the Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer (Deputy CHRO) assists the CHRO in overseeing all aspects of the Human Resources Department, its…


El trabajo se puede realizar en o cerca de Boston, MA
2 Center Plz, Boston, MA 02108, USA

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Please apply online

Please apply online

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