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5ª. Avenida Sur no. 40, La Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala


As the project manager (PM) you will become an integral part of the Museo Arte Guatemala (MAG) team. We are expecting you to be keen and creative in developing plans and are extremely motivated and able to take initiative in order to design and execute key strategic initiatives to scale the organization.

You are the person who is in charge of an array of projects within the organization, while at the same time you are working with other companies and institutions. On occasions you might be working by yourself, other times you will be in charge of a team in order to get the job done. As the PM for MAGyour job is to plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the specific project(s). You will be working with the upper management of the organization and with Alterna, making sure that the scope and the direction of each project is successfully executed on schedule.


■ Co-design and co-structure strategies with Alterna, at the same time lead the management and execution of MAG’s business strategy.

■ Meet regularly with MAG, but also be able to have a flexible work schedule in order to complete projects and obligations in a timely matter.

■ Conduct Market research and analysis for each key aspect of the business strategy.

■ The MAG project has multiple projects that need development. With the support of Alterna you will be proposing the development of the different business plans for each project.

■ The PM is expected to have monthly meetings with both the Alterna and the MAG teams to report advancements.


■ Leadership Skills: Besides making day-to-day assertive decisions, you will serve as a team leader; motivate coworkers to take initiative on their projects in order to reach goals.

■ Management: Be able to work with multiple team members and departments, often balancing multiple work treams and priorities at once,

■ Finance: Maintain and execute budget data; you must have strong financial skills and experience in financial modeling.

■ Analytical Skills: Must have strong business judgment and creative problem-solving skills in order to solve quantitative and qualitative problems.

■ Education: Bachelor’s degree in business management or finance. Masters degree is not required but preferred

■ Experience: 3 to 5 years experience in business analytics, consulting, finance, or related areas

■ Flexible and adaptable with an entrepreneurial mindset; strong organizational skills.

■ Demonstrated interest to learn about Central American culture and art; show us how much you care for our region and context, and why it means much to you to come and work with us.


This position is based both in Antigua and Guatemala City. Although you will have the opportunity to live in any of the two cities as it favors your choice, you will need to travel often between towns as meetings demand.

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Fluent speaker both in Spanish and English. It is important that you have excellent writing and verbal communication skills in English.

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Please send resume and cover letter to: Brooke Latham at