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Advocate for Climate Solutions

El trabajo se debe realizar en o cerca de Chicago, IL
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1 de julio de 2024
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28 de junio de 2024
USD $33.000 - $40.000 / año


Climate Solutions Advocate

Illinois PIRG

Chicago, IL

Illinois PIRG is hiring a Climate Solutions Advocate to help drive our campaign to reduce climate emissions by transitioning off methane gas and powering our homes with 100% renewable energy. 

Burning fossil fuels in our homes is bad for the climate, for our health, and increasingly unaffordable for many Illinoisans. But for the last decade, Illinois public policy has incentivized gas utilities to dump billions of dollars into soon-to-be obsolete gas infrastructure. Illinois PIRG led the successful campaign to end those policies, and is now working to end other wasteful gas utility spending and start the transition to clean energy buildings. 

Key Responsibilities 

As our Climate Solutions Advocate, you’ll work with our State Director and the national program team at PIRG to advance policies and build public support for a clean energy future. This position requires exercising discretion and independent judgment in making decisions in matters of significance. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Program: Help develop and implement our priority campaigns, participating in policy development, research and messaging.
  • Coalition Building: Identify, reach out to and work with partners who can help us win our campaigns both through formal coalitions and informal alliances, including unlikely allies who might agree with us on one issue, even if we disagree on other issues.
  • Communications and Media Outreach: Generate strong earned media, opinion media, and social media for our campaigns. You may serve as a public spokesperson for our campaigns through media events, press releases, editorial board meetings and other outreach, with a goal of building name recognition for the organization, educating the public about our issues and building and demonstrating support for our positions.
  • Advocacy: Bring problems and solutions to the attention of decision-makers—including federal district office staff, state legislators, the Governor’s staff, state regulators and local officials. Develop appropriate messages and materials for making the case for our policy solutions to decision makers. Build relationships with key players.
  • Research and write reports: If needed, you may help analyze data relevant to the issue and our policy proposals to help influence public debate and earn media attention for our cause.
  • Fundraising: Write grant proposals, build relationships with foundation staff and meet with large donors, all to bring more resources to our campaigns. Work with our citizen outreach staff to build and develop our grassroots membership base.


Candidates should have at least 2 years of relevant professional experience. Qualified candidates will have a demonstrated commitment to advancing the public interest and to transpartisan social change, as well as a track-record of leadership. We’re looking for goal-driven and results-oriented individuals who have excellent writing and analytical skills, the ability to speak persuasively in a charged atmosphere, and enthusiasm for our work.

Compensation and Benefits

The starting annual compensation range for this position is $33,000-40,000 and depends on relevant experience, education, and location. Candidates on the lower end of directly relevant experience should expect to be on the lower end of this range; candidates on the higher end of relevant experience are likely to be on the higher end of this range. PIRG offers an excellent benefits package. Our benefits package includes medical, dental, and vision insurance for employees and dependents, paid time off, our commuter benefit program, a 401(k) plan with employer match, parental leave, long term disability insurance, and may include needs-based student loan assistance. We also offer an excellent training program and opportunities for advancement. 


Chicago, IL 


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About Illinois PIRG

PIRG is an advocate for the public interest. We speak out for the public and stand up to special interests on problems that affect the public's health, safety and wellbeing.

How is it possible that, in the richest country the world has ever seen, dissatisfaction is rising and life expectancy is dropping? Is it just inequality? Or could it be that, in the name of producing and consuming more "stuff," we’ve lost sight, as a society, of what really matters -- including health, wellbeing, community, and a clean environment? 

PIRG’s mission is to spotlight these problems and find new solutions. Let's make more stuff reusable, repairable and recyclable, instead of single-use and designed for obsolescence. Let's choose conservation and renewable energy over fossil fuels. Let's value clean air and water over short-term profits and lower costs. Let's grow food that nurtures us as well as the land, with fewer pesticides, antibiotics and other quick fixes. 

Getting governments and corporations to make these choices is hard, and steps in the right direction are almost always small. But we have a 50-year track record of training and putting even our newest staff in a position to overcome powerful interests and win real results for the public interest.

Our Mission and Values

Why work with PIRG? Check out 10 reasons: 

Illinois PIRG and PIRG are part of The Public Interest Network, which operates and supports organizations committed to a shared vision of a better world and a strategic approach to social change. Visit for things you should know about our network when you apply.

PIRG is an equal opportunity employer.

COVID-19: We take COVID-19 safety very seriously. Employees must follow our COVID safety protocols and be fully vaccinated and boosted. Accommodations are provided to the extent required by law.

Climate Solutions Advocate

Illinois PIRG

Chicago, IL

Illinois PIRG is hiring a Climate Solutions Advocate to help drive our campaign to reduce climate emissions by transitioning off methane gas and powering our homes with 100% renewable…


El trabajo se puede realizar en o cerca de Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL, USA

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