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El trabajo se debe realizar en o cerca de Bala Cynwyd, PA
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The Alliance for Decision Education (“the Alliance”) is a national nonprofit and field builder with

the mission of improving lives by empowering students with essential skills and dispositions

for making better decisions. Founded in 2014 and backed by experts in decision sciences,

business, and education—including several Nobel laureates—the Alliance believes that better

decisions lead to better lives and a better society.

As a field builder, the Alliance partners with teachers, academic and business leaders, families, and community members to raise awareness and lead the growing call to have Decision Education taught in schools across the country.

The Alliance is committed to an inclusive, supportive, and collaborative culture. Our diverse team is made up of educators, researchers, subject matter experts, and other professionals who are dedicated to our mission. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.


The Alliance offers a comprehensive total rewards package inclusive of competitive compensation that is commensurate with experience, generous Paid Time Off (PTO), an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and employer-paid medical, vision, dental, life, and disability insurance. Employees may also contribute to a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), as well as a 401(k) plan with a dollar-for-dollar match up to 5%.

The Alliance operates on a hybrid work schedule in which local employees are expected to work from the office every Tuesday and Thursday during standard work hours. Local employees generally have the flexibility to work remotely or from the office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All employees, both local and remote, receive equipment, supplies, and additional resources to help them do their best work.


The Deputy Director/Director of Research will be responsible for leading and overseeing the execution of research strategies as outlined in our Strategic Plan. This includes developing and implementing strategies to generate impact data and evidence (mostly from students and teachers), both internally and in collaboration with external partners. You will oversee the building and sustaining of a community of researchers, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing to advance our understanding of Decision Education. You will also lead the Alliance’s soon-to-be-launched Grants and Awards Program. Through the generous support of donors, the Alliance has $12.5M in restricted funding dedicated to supporting Decision Education research studies. 

We are seeking someone who is passionate about fields related to decision science and Decision Education’s  impact on students, excited by the chance to build a field of research, loves the idea of collaborating with leaders in this space, and wants to spearhead groundbreaking research.

The Deputy Director/Director of Research will report to the Interim Executive Director as part of the Research Department. This position may be a Director or Deputy Director depending on a candidate’s experience and qualifications.

We expect this individual to adhere to the Alliance’s hybrid work schedule, working from the office in Bala Cynwyd, PA on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

*The position is based in the United States.


  • Department Leadership
  • Prioritize, execute, and update (when needed) Research Department initiatives as outlined in the Strategic Plan.
  • Supervise the Research Department and manage department staff.
  • Collaborate closely with other departments. 
  • Support team members with content expertise.
  • Alliance Impact 
  • Lead the Alliance’s efforts to evaluate effectiveness of our own in-school and out-of-school initiatives (in close collaboration with the Education Department). This will require expertise/experience collecting data from K-12 students and educators, analyzing it, and reporting findings. 
  • Provide guidance and recommendations to the Education Department to support  data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement in initiatives and programs to lead to better outcomes.
  • Ensure the reporting of the data is accessible to a general audience and is responsive to the needs of various internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Grants and Awards Program
  • Oversee the 10-year Alliance Grants and Awards program ($12.5M in restricted funding) that supports researchers in building a body of credible evidence, including around K-12 Decision Education interventions. 
  • Manage a portfolio of research projects funded by the Alliance. We plan to launch RFPs in summer of 2024. 
  • Research Community
  • Oversee the building and managing of a sustainable community of researchers, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing to advance the field of Decision Education.
  • Other
  • Field data
  • Collect all organizational and field data, both quantitative and qualitative, and share it with other departments at the Alliance, our Board, and other stakeholders.
  • Digital Research Repository 
  • Collect, evaluate, curate, translate, and share high-quality research and evidence generated by external stakeholders.
  • Manage the development and maintenance of an accessible repository of research and evidence hosted by the Alliance.
  • These duties may change or expand over time consistent with the organization’s needs and initiatives. 


  • Experience
  • 15+ years in research, data analysis, and evaluation of interventions/programs in K-12 education environments, including Includes: quantitative and qualitative analysis and experience with  longitudinal studies is a bonus.
  • Experience managing a team and budget.
  • Overseeing a multi year grant-making program.
  • IRB approval for K-12 populations.
  • Working with external stakeholders.
  • Experience with grant application and execution is preferred. 
  • PhD in decision science or related fields is preferred, but not required.
  • Skills, Characteristics, and Attributes
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to communicate complex concepts to general audiences and to engage in academic discussions with researchers. 
  • Excellent organization, prioritization, strategic thinking, and attention to detail.
  • Emotional maturity, integrity, and interpersonal skills
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing conditions and focus.
  • Technologically proficient; ability to learn and understand different systems.
  • Reflects the Alliance’s core values and standards:
  • Humanism: valuing others as human beings.
  • Rationality: thinking and skills to help answer “what is true?” and “what to do?”
  • Education: growth mindset; dedication to developing knowledge and skills.
  • Conscientiousness: diligent work ethic; professionalism; high-quality work.
  • Initiative: owner’s and founder’s mentality; leadership skills.
  • Mission Alignment: dedication to the organization’s mission and goals.


The Alliance for Decision Education (“the Alliance”) is a national nonprofit and field builder with

the mission of improving lives by empowering students with essential skills and dispositions

for making better decisions…


El trabajo se puede realizar en o cerca de Bala Cynwyd, PA
1 Belmont Ave, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004, USA

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