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Associate Director - Wellness

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A Place Called Home
Los Angeles, CA
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Job Title: Associate Director - Wellness

Department: Wellness

Reports to: Senior Director of Programs                         

FLSA Status: Exempt

Direct Reports: Senior Manager Nutrition & Urban Ag, Nutrition & Urban Ag Manager/Head Chef, and Nutrition and Urban Ag Coordinator, Urban Ag Manager, Athletics Manager


A Place Called Home is a dynamic, non-profit youth and community center in South Central Los Angeles. APCH provides educational programs, counseling, mentoring, music, dance and art classes, fitness and health and wellness opportunities. As youth participate in our programs, they discover interests and talents and develop a better sense of themselves and their place in the world around them. Our goal is to increase the likelihood that youth will stay in school, pursue higher education, attain viable jobs, and become active community members capable of making positive change in the world in which they live.

Our commitment to our staff wellness, development and experience:

A Place Called Home is committed to supporting our hard working staff by creating a work environment that builds relationships, careers and experiences through collaboration and transparent communication. We don’t just talk the talk but we walk the walk. Below are just some ways in which we support our staff:


The Associate Director of Wellness (ADW) is committed to holistic wellness that encompasses connection with nature, organic agriculture, healthy nutrition, and integrated physical fitness. They are knowledgeable of best practices and innovations in the health, nutrition, fitness and wellness field and can apply them as a basis for development of a strong, sustainable vision for the department. They will have a leadership role in establishing a newly created structure within the agency focused specifically on Wellness which includes the current Nutrition program (including meal service), Urban Agriculture Program and the Athletics Program, to create one cohesive service model. They will ensure all program execution aligns with department goals that support agency priorities, strategy, budget and expectations for the Wellness department. The ADW holds direct supervisory responsibilities for Wellness staff and contractors, and translates policies and initiatives into program applications.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The ADW is responsible for guiding the vision and operational components of the Wellness Department. Under the direction of the Senior Director of Programs, the ADW is responsible for the oversight and tactical execution of all Wellness initiatives. This includes but is not limited to program execution alignment with agency and department goals, strategy, budget and expectations. The ADW holds direct supervisory responsibilities to the Nutrition, Urban Agriculture, and Athletics programs while providing leadership support and management of independent contractors and partners, and translating policies and initiatives into program applications. 

The ADWs fosters a positive, healthy and collaborative work environment for program managers and staff within the department, while holding the vision of the department and aligning and prioritizing agency strategic goals. This includes such responsibilities as: leading, directing, advising, and supervising a variety of personnel and programs simultaneously; creating effective communication amongst multiple programs within the department; supporting, encouraging, coaching, and evaluating staff; fostering relationships with partner organizations; and budget management.               

Strategic Alignment

  • Actively engages and supports in the execution of agency strategic plans as they relate to programs, including the Logic Model and departmental goals
  • Sets and tracks progress for the overarching vision, direction and goals for the Wellness Department based in the APCH Logic Model. 

Team Management

  • Recruits, hires, and trains a strong and diverse department team; ensures current Department staff are supported and challenged to maximize individual strengths and assets, and new staff are successfully on-boarded and developed professionally and advocates for the goals and objectives of the Department.
  • Serves as an organizational culture leader and promotes a strong collaborative team culture.

Program Logistics and Execution

  • Monitors and regularly evaluates the delivery and quality of programming, incorporating feedback into future versions of curriculum.
  • Works with Program Leadership to ensure program alignment within the Wellness Department.
  • Works with the Senior Director of Programs and Program Leadership to ensure that job-readiness initiatives are embedded in curriculum.
  • Oversee the delivery of quality programming to members through classes, workshops, field trips, and special events.

Cross Departmental Collaboration

  • Ensures organizational alignment and collaboration by working with Program Leadership, Development and Operations to ensure Department effectiveness
  • Works closely with Finance to ensure budgeting, tracking of spending, check requests and all associated documentation and processes run smoothly.
  • Collaborates with Development on grant applications and reporting, plans for sponsor group visits, volunteer activities, and special events

External Relations

  • Builds relationships and partnerships with allied organizations and engages their knowledge and resources to enhance variety and quality of programming

Administrative & Safety

  • Solicits, tracks, and distributes in-kind food service donations, including issuing receipts and preparing detailed reports for Accounting, In-Kind and Development departments;
  • Monitors requirements, and labor needs in order to create and manage Annual Department Budget with the Senior Director of Programs
  • Supports staff with ordering, inventory, and budgets for all necessary supplies for the Wellness department
  • Monitors athletic program activities and spaces to ensure member safety


  • Project manages and supports seasonal initiatives and special projects such as Summer planning, annual Health and Garden Expo, Food Resource Depot, South Central Sports League, Thanksgiving, and other community events
  • Oversees the management of the Federal Meals Program CACFP/SFSP, and APCH support staff to meet standards, stay in compliance, and deliver reports to maintain program in good standing
  • Oversees meal service and other student nutritional needs of youth enrolled in DaVinci RISE High School

Other Non-Essential Responsibilities

  • Assist as needed with the supervision of members during program hours, special events and field trips
  • Serve as a mentor and role model for members
  • Attend all required program meetings and events
  • Perform other tasks as assigned


The ideal Associate Director of Wellness will be an individual who carries high personal and professional standards, is high energy by nature, and enjoys partnering with others to achieve successful outcomes To be successful in this role, the Associate Director of Wellness candidate will focus on achieving excellence of service and performance in the five core competencies identified by the agency: integrity & trust, adaptability, accountability, learning and development and compassion. As Associate Director of Wellness the candidate will also be expected to excel in the five Management competencies of: Motivating others, Communication, Managing Systems, Leadership, Work Quality & Innovation. The candidate will embrace the APCH culture of a learning organization and strive to constantly improve upon systems and services for the benefit of our employees and our constituents; and will be demonstrably committed to their own ongoing personal and professional development. Our culture encourages individuals to speak up, we respect diversity of thought, and we look to our staff to be candid with concerns and constructive suggestions. Together, we can continue to take APCH to even higher levels of excellence and service to the community.

Technical and Performance Skills 

  • Excellent Communication Skills        
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management      
  • Time Management
  • Ability to Multitask      
  • Flexibility
  • Mission-Driven           
  • Dedicated to excellence
  • Detail-Oriented           
  • Strong Organizational Skills
  • Microsoft Office Skills


  •  Bachelor's degree in nutrition, culinary arts or similar field, or equivalent experience
  • SafeServ Certification
  • Knowledge of best practices in food service /Training and proficiency in various culinary disciplines
  • Knowledge and familiarity of best practices in health, fitness, and wellness
  • 6 years experience in food services
  • 2 years experience managing employees

Physical and Mental Demands

  • Able to work in a dynamic and high noise level environment typical of a youth center
  • Walking, standing required on daily basis
  • Sitting and use of hands/vision for computer work for extended periods of time
  • Lift up to 30 pounds occasionally

Additional Information

  • Able to work well with diverse populations of employees and clients
  • Able to work some evenings and/or weekends for department and/or agency events
  • Solution-oriented team player who both promotes and practices a growth mindset
  • Provides exemplary customer service and welcoming hospitality
  • Temporary Telecommuting due to COVID-19

Job Title: Associate Director - Wellness

Department: Wellness

Reports to: Senior Director of Programs                         

FLSA Status: Exempt

Direct Reports: Senior Manager Nutrition & Urban Ag, Nutrition & Urban Ag Manager/Head Chef, and Nutrition and…

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USD $70.000 - USD $85.000
/ año


Health and Wellness

  • Targeted Wellness Initiatives to support APCH staff
  • HMO & PPO Medical and Dental Plans with APCH covering the majority of the group costs
  • 25K Basic & Accidental Life Insurance-no cost to the employee
  • FSA, DFSA and Supplemental Insurance to support your out of pocket costs
  • 401K Retirement Plan with employer match
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Paid Vacancy Coverage Leave
  • Paid Medical related leave
  • Generous Paid Bereavement Leave 
  • Generous PTO: Paid winter break, Paid summer break, paid spring & fall wellness day, 15 paid holidays, 2 weeks+ vacation, 11 paid sick days, Incentive time off opportunities
  • Financial Assistance for emergencies
  • Employee Assistance program to support your work life balance
  • Hybrid work accommodations
  • Paid Jury Duty

Professional Development

  • Gallup's Strengths Assessment for all employees
  • Quarterly Employee Training
  • Specialized Monthly Manager Training
  • Leadership Training through our Leaders In Training Program (LIT)
  • Professional Development support and financial assistance
  • CPR & First Aid Training certification
  • Supervisor’s corner to support managers with resources to be the best coaches possible


  • Employee Engagement Committees: employees get to participate and develop different activities and or initiatives focusing on any of the following: employee recognition, onboarding new hires, supporting other community organizations, creating fun staff events, justice, equity, diversity & inclusion and wellness initiatives.
  • Monthly Employee Acknowledgment by Colleagues and Supervisors
  • Employee Portal - Staff Communication & Resources available at any time
  • TouchPoint-Monthly all staff meetings
  • Proactive Conversations to continue making APCH a workplace we can all build together: Stay, Insights & Critical Needs Conversations
  • Encouraged continuous employee feedback throughout the year via surveys 

Health and Wellness

  • Targeted Wellness Initiatives to support APCH staff
  • HMO & PPO Medical and Dental Plans with APCH covering the majority of the group costs
  • 25K Basic &…


Los Angeles, CA, USA

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