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Montessori Teacher & Trainer (Instructor)

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Abaarso Network
Hargeisa, Somalia
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About Us

Founded in 2009, the Abaarso Network enables transformative change in Somaliland, East Africa, through educating and empowering the human capital needed to achieve ethical and effective development. The Network includes three world-class educational institutions that provide high-potential students with critical access, support, and leadership development: Abaarso School of Science and Technology, Barwaaqo University, and Kaabe Schools.

Job Purpose

Academic Education

  • Teach approximately 16-18 hours each week of formal Montessori theory and practice classes to Barwaaqo students on dates determined by the master schedule. (Increased responsibilities in other areas often result in reduced teaching hours).
  • Help guide a group of Barwaaqo students in their 2-year program to complete their Montessori Primary Albums (3-6 years old)
  • Help with the Barwaaqo Village Primary School which is a Montessori lab school
  • Build professional relationships with students in the classroom and understand who they are as people.
  • Create a safe, nurturing environment for students with clear expectations for student work and behavior.
  • Create individual, structured lesson plans, building on existing plans from a curricula library hosted by the school where possible and necessary; align all course content with the curriculum pathways shared by the Director of Academics. 
  • Keep comprehensive and clear records of lessons, including notes of what activities worked well and those that didn’t for future course teachers. 
  • Plan and use a variety of activities and learning methods to differentiate for and engage students; use student-centered, interactive lessons. 
  • Create materials and assessments for the classroom and/or draw from the bank of materials within the google drive database.
  • Assign daily homework to students unless otherwise agreed with supervisor and provide feedback using grades, written notes, and rubrics. Teachers should expect to spend 6-10 hours a week grading and providing feedback.
  • Record grades into the online student database during regular intervals as determined by the Director of Academics. 
  • Record daily attendance of students in class using the online academic database.
  • Write written reflections on student performance, the course design and content, and teaching methodology suggestions for their groups of students.
  • Be available for students to seek extra help or enrichment through weekly office hours.
  • Review background subject knowledge if needed before each lesson.
  • Seek advice and help from supervisors as needed to make sure course content is appropriate for student literacy levels, culture, and religion. Vet all videos and lesson materials before use in the classroom.

Student Life Education

  • Build a sense of community through student meetings and events.
  • Lead 10-12 students in a structured advisory program, which meets regularly according to school policy. This includes preparing lessons, discussion topics or exercises to explore topics determined by a mentorship guide.
  • Provide academic and social-emotional mentoring to student mentees outside of structured time to make sure no one “falls through the cracks”.
  • Report student disciplinary infractions (academic and student life) to their appropriate Director in a timely manner. Participate in disciplinary hearings as needed.
  • Supervise one extracurricular group 2-3 hours a week; the group activity or club will be determined in consultation with the student leadership team and your supervisor, and may include an athletic team, student club, affinity group, or community service.

Peer Support and Duty to the Community

  • Assist with the planning and execution of enrichment activities/events, based on committee membership. 
  • Participate in all regular or special events (Group meetings, Exam supervision, Socials, Project Days, Alumni Day, Graduation, Programs for special visitors, etc.).
  • Write recommendation letters for students applying for jobs and provide advice on student performance to the Alumni network. 
  • Share duties or chores as required by the Head of School, such as clean-up days, teacher compound care, etc.
  • Assist with monitoring student behavior and sanitation as needed, providing support to student leaders; report major problems to the Director of Student Services.

Professional Development

  • Continually develop as a teacher and professional using the resources, workshops, and suggestions given by the administration.
  • Attend all faculty meetings, departmental meetings, and year group meetings for announcements and professional development workshops.
  • Attend regular weekly academic check-ins with the Director of Academics.
  • Develop a community of learners through visiting other classrooms for peer observations and provide follow-up feedback.
  • Attend meetings on time, taking notes, with a professional attitude and open mind. Be a role model for students and faculty members.
  • Show respect and understanding for Somali culture and Islam at all times.

The successful candidate will

  • Be educated to bachelor degree level
  • Montessori Primary Certification (3-6 Years Old)
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Results-oriented, entrepreneurial; takes initiative and is undeterred by ambiguous situations
  • College major, minor, or significant experience in subject material for their classroom. 

If you are an exceptional candidate who would like to make an impact, we will welcome your application.

About Us

Founded in 2009, the Abaarso Network enables transformative change in Somaliland, East Africa, through educating and empowering the human capital needed to achieve ethical and effective development. The Network includes three…

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H36G+XR2, Hargeisa, Somalia

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