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Middle School Coordinator of School Culture (SY24-25)

El trabajo se debe realizar en o cerca de Washington, DC
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Fecha de inicio
5 de agosto de 2024
Fecha límite de postulación
1 de agosto de 2024
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USD $58.500 - $91.500 / año


Capital City is looking for innovative, experienced, and passionate staff members for the school year 2024-2025. 

At Capital City, we challenge the status quo every day. Our staff are skilled, compassionate, solutions-oriented, and unwavering in their commitment to give children of all ages, all backgrounds, and all abilities the education they need to thrive. If you want to help prepare the next generation of changemakers, apply today!

This role is a 10-month position, which is exempt and therefore not eligible for overtime pay under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Why work at Capital City?

  • Work hard and achieve results, together! At Capital City, staff members work on collaborative teams that grapple with challenges, celebrate successes, and support and learn from one another.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords. We believe the diversity of our staff and the students we serve is our greatest asset. We take seriously the responsibility to achieve equity for our students and build a culture where staff engage in dialogue about race and work to build an inclusive culture. 

In the following areas, the Coordinator of School Culture is expected to:  

Social Curriculum/Prevention 

  • Maintain a strong vision for school culture that incorporates Capital City’s community values. Consistently and frequently communicate this vision to  students and staff and make it part of the life of the school.  
  • Build and maintain structures to ensure a positive and academic-oriented school  culture. Lead the implementation of positive classroom management and school culture programming in Crew.  
  • Update, document, disseminate and maintain effective systems for arrival and  dismissal, class transitions, lunch, and after school programming.
  • Coordinate All School Meetings and other initiatives to help build culture and  provide venues for recognition and celebration.  
  • Work with the leadership team to develop and implement a school-wide behavior  management system with meaningful incentives for positive behavior and with  effective and logical consequences for misbehavior. 
  • Ensure consistent understanding of the system among students and staff and consistent  implementation.  
  • Analyze and report out discipline and attendance data, survey data and school wide trends to identify needs. Share data with administrators and teachers and  use data to improve practice.  
  • Persistently, and consistently reinforce school’s high expectations for student  behavior with all students, all the time. 
  • Utilize Critical Friends Group (CFG) protocols to investigate problems through an  equity lens and propose solutions.  
  • Work with the school counselor to develop a system and plan for peer mediation. 
  • Lead lessons with advisories or other groups as needed to help build culture and  reinforce expectations.  


  • Develop and implement an effective system for handling more serious infractions of  the discipline policy that includes assigning consequences for the students,  effective communication with parents, coordination and communication with  relevant staff; and when appropriate, communication with the student body. This includes consulting the Principal when suspending students for serious infractions when needed.
  • Participate in the child study process to develop plans for students with repeated  behavior issues designed to address the causes of behavior. Partner with teachers  to implement plans.  
  • Conduct mediation sessions with students when needed. 
  • Meet weekly with the Principal, Director of Student Services, and Social Emotional Specialist, to coordinate  plans for intervention.  
  • Notify appropriate personnel and agencies immediately, and following established  procedures when there is evidence of substance abuse, child abuse, child neglect,  severe medical or social conditions, potential suicide or individuals appearing to be  under the influence of controlled substances. 
  • Serve as the lead coordinator and investigator of bullying investigations. Conduct bullying investigations using all protocols set forth by Capital City, local laws, and local regulations.

Professional Development 

  • Provide training for staff to implement positive classroom management techniques  that are part of the culture  model and aligned with the school’s  instructional approach.  
  • Facilitate effective planning for Crew.  Work with teachers to develop plans, gather resources and implement plans consistently. Support/coach new teachers  in learning to lead an advisory.  
  • Utilize protocols during professional development time for looking at practices  through an equity lens and problem solving around issues of school culture.  
  • Work with the leadership team to plan and lead professional development on  student behavior as needed and appropriate.  
  • Participate in a summer professional development institute held the last two weeks  in August before school starts.  
  • Attend and actively participate in Professional Development Time on Wednesdays from 1:30-4:15.  
  • Seek out additional opportunities for professional development that will lead to  achieving personal and school-wide professional development goals.

After School/Enrichment  

  • Coordinate with the Director of Enrichment  to ensure strong communication about after  school activities  and to maximize participation and minimize scheduling conflicts.  
  • Work with the Principal and Instructional Coach to articulate policies and  practices for academic probation and work to ensure consistent  implementation.  
  • Encourage broad student participation in after school activities. 

Parent Engagement  

  • Engage families in support of the school’s goals; create a culture and an  expectation so that teachers reach out to parents and enlist their proactive support  in the dream – and the hard work – of getting all our students to college; build strong relationships with parents.  
  • Communicate in a timely way with families when there are discipline issues. Send  letters home when suspensions are warranted. Hold meetings as needed with  families including re-entry meetings from suspension.  
  • Coordinate with the school counselor, Social Emotional Learning Specialist, and other staff to lead parent engagement  activities in support of the school’s goals.  
  • Work with the Principal and other school staff to develop best practices and strong  procedures for communicating with families.  

Community Outreach  

  • Proactively develop and maintain partnerships to support school culture and  community engagement.  
  • Involve students in meaningful community service and supporting teachers and advisors in integrating service learning.  

Other Professional Responsibilities 

  • Attend and participate in school events. Capital City teachers/staff are expected to  attend at least two community meetings/events per year.  
  • Make visitors to the school feel welcome. 
  • Check voicemail and e-mail daily and respond promptly to requests from  parents, administrators and colleagues.

Other duties as assigned

Desired Qualifications:

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of experience teaching/in administration at the middle school level. Candidates should have experience working with middle school aged students and diverse populations. Experience in counseling, leading peer mediation, and social/emotional work with middle school students is a necessity.


In addition to the above requirements, teachers must meet the requirements of all hires at Capital City including a criminal background check.

About Our School

Capital City was founded in 2000 and currently serves a diverse population of nearly 1,000 students across PK-12th grade. We have been recognized as a model for social, emotional and academic development. Our program emphasizes a commitment to diversity and equity, a strong inclusion model and the integration of arts into the curriculum. We are a credentialed EL Education Mentor School ( in the national network of over 150 schools. Through this model, teachers craft long-term learning expeditions that connect learning to the real-world and incorporate projects, research, fieldwork, and service to support students in meeting rigorous standards. Learn more at


Capital City is an equal-opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, marital status, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected status. All employment decisions will be made solely on the basis of the individual's qualifications as related to the requirements of the position being filled.

Capital City is looking for innovative, experienced, and passionate staff members for the school year 2024-2025. 

At Capital City, we challenge the status quo every day. Our staff are skilled, compassionate, solutions-oriented, and…


Compensation and Benefits: 

Capital City offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Learn more about our salary and benefits:

  • Competitive compensation. At Capital City, salaries compensate for experience and qualifications. Teacher salaries are benchmarked regularly against area school districts and other charters. Teachers know how their salary is calculated and what to expect year-to-year. Check out our salary scale here:
  • Benefits. Capital City invests in a comprehensive benefits package to support the happiness and well-being of staff at all stages of career and life. Benefits include 100% of health insurance covered for full-time employees, up to 6% in retirement contributions, preferred student admission for children of staff living in DC, and support for you and your family when needed.

Compensation and Benefits: 

Capital City offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Learn more about our salary and benefits:

  • Competitive…

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Spanish fluency strongly preferred

Spanish fluency strongly preferred


100 Peabody St NW, Washington, DC 20011, USA

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Please apply using the link above.

Please apply using the link above.


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