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Staff Accountant

Híbrido, El trabajo se debe realizar en o cerca de Chicago, IL


Tipo de contrato:A Tiempo Completo
Nivel de Experiencia:Nivel intermedio
Salario:USD $65.000 - $68.000 / año


BASIC FUNCTION: Summarize position’s purpose:

Perform the basic functions of grant billings/vouchers, cash receipts, reconciliations, fixed assets schedules and assisting in monthly financial closing.

SPECIFIC DUTIES: Describe responsibilities and tasks:

  • Handles sensitive and confidential information on a daily basis

Grant billings/vouchers:

  • Prepares vouchers for each grant on its specific billing period, i.e., monthly,

quarterly, bi-annually or annually for both government and private grants and


  • Obtain appropriate signatures for billings/voucher submission, copy for file, file in appropriate grant folder and send to funder
  • Provide funder with requested information as requested
  • Maintain a current listing of grants, contract #’s amount of grant and funder contacts
  • Maintain and provide to staff a current listing of staff’s funding %’s
  • Maintains all grant files, with contract, financial and program information
  • Maintains an aging chart for all grant receivables, updating it monthly in time for the Finance Committee meetings
  • Provides Controller with information in a timely manner (Keep current grant requirements on when last revisions for each grant will be accepted) on needed revisions, modifications, and/or amendments to enable Access Living to draw down all available funds


  • Reconcile prepaid accounts
  • Reconcile receivable accounts
  • Reconcile accrual and liabilities accounts
  • Reconcile employee advance reimbursements      
  • Reconcile and audit volunteer petty cash
  • Reconcile other balance sheet accounts

Monthly Closing:

  • Prepare and enter into ledger the payroll information for the current month
  • Enter cash receipt activity into the ledger for monthly closing
  • Prepare and enter the monthly fixed assets and leasehold improvement data
  • Prepare journal entries and the summary for each grant for the monthly closing
  • Maintain the monthly financial records


  • Maintain all bank account records, always keeping resolution and signature card information in current records
  • Maintain all cash receipts records and tie to Development records, including correct coding

SPECIFIC DUTIES: Describe responsibilities and tasks (continued)

Cross Departmental Activity:

  • Work with program staff to reconcile program related income and expenses
  • Work with development staffs to reconcile revenue and receivables                                

Record Keeping:

  • Maintain the fixed asset and leasehold improvements file/binder
  • Ensure the physical inventory which is performed by appropriate staff before audit is included in a section of the fixed asset binder
  • Maintain all other documents related to Access Living financial records


  • Prepare schedules in preparation for the audit
  • Prepare functional expense including the percentages from fiscal year budget
  • Assist in the preparation of the grant/contract confirmation letters
  • Prepare all records for auditors
  • Assist Controller in other audit preparation as assigned
  • Other duties as assigned

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Minimum educational background required

BA in accounting or finance related field required.   Knowledge of Excel is required.  Accounting system knowledge preferred.

EXPERIENCE: Length of time required to develop skills for acceptable performance

At least three years of computerized financial and spreadsheet experience preferred.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Nature and extent of standing, stooping, lifting and walking



Specific equipment, machines, devices and work aids, Computers, printers, calculator, photocopier

WORKING ENVIRONMENT; Identify work area and any of its unpleasant elements

Access Living has shared office space.






$65 - $68k Annual Salary

How to Apply: Email cover letter and resume to Neil Anderson

BASIC FUNCTION: Summarize position’s purpose:

Perform the basic functions of grant billings/vouchers, cash receipts, reconciliations, fixed assets schedules and assisting in monthly financial closing.



El trabajo se puede realizar en o cerca de Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL, USA

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