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Manager, Program (6-12 Math)

El trabajo se debe realizar en o cerca de New York, NY
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USD $80.000 - $121.007 / año


Program Manager (Coaching) for a 100+ employee (and growing) remote education non-profit providing professional learning to K-12 educators nationally

Type of Vacancy: Salaried, full-time

Start date: August-September 2024

Location: New York, NY

Report to: Senior Manager, Program or Director, Program

Supervises: Dependent on project, Manager, Program may be a Project Leader with project team supervision and leadership development responsibilities

Compensation: The full salary range for this position is $80,000 - $121,007 annually. There are two types of experience being considered for this role: Experience that is directly relevant to the role and Total Working Experience, in all fields. This includes: internships and consulting work. In collaboration with the hiring manager, the People and Culture team calculates experience based on the candidate’s most current resume. When calculating the offer, consideration is given to candidates that possess additional qualifications (i.e., desired qualifications). Teaching Lab will generally cap salaries for new employees at 105% of the midpoint to allow for continued growth in the role over time.

Teaching Lab is an equal-opportunity employer committed to reflecting the diversity of the students we serve. We pursue equity as both a means and an end and enthusiastically welcome candidates of all backgrounds to apply for this role.


Teaching Lab is a nonprofit organization with a mission to fundamentally shift the paradigm of teacher professional learning to achieve educational equity. We envision a world where teachers and students thrive together in communities that enable life-long learning and meaningful lives. In partnership with teachers, we transform professional learning from the ground up to dramatically improve student outcomes. We also work with school, district, and state leaders to create the instructional systems necessary to support these changes. To learn more about Teaching Lab, explore our website at


The Manager, Program - Coaching collaborates with others within the Program team and across the organization to meet Teaching Lab’s programmatic goals, takes ownership of the organization’s systems and processes, and implements them with consistency and success. In particular, the Manager, Program - Coaching will provide in-person coaching to teachers and leaders in the New York City Department of Education. 


  • Education, Work Experience, and Knowledge
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Five or more years combined experience working in PK-12 education, with minimum of two years experience teaching PK-12 students from traditionally underserved backgrounds with demonstrated evidence of impact
  • At least two (2) years experience as an instructional coach to teacher leaders and/or school leaders with evidence of impact on student learning outcomes
  • Experience facilitating impactful professional learning and coaching for educators in virtual and in-person settings
  • Experience building and managing relationships with diverse stakeholders in an education context 
  • Experience empowering teacher leaders through trusting relationships and shifting mindsets/beliefs about students' potential
  • Deep knowledge and experience with Common Core or College- and Career-Ready math standards
  • Experience teaching or coaching at least one of the following curricula:Illustrative Mathematics (Algebra 1, Algebra II, Geometry), Illustrative Mathematics (Grades 6-8)

  • Values, Skills, and Competencies
  • Strong commitment to growth mindset for both adults and students, and a desire to work collaboratively to grow team skills and capabilities 
  • Compelling communication and influence skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills, able to build rapport quickly
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Reliable and consistently completes work in a timely manner with high quality


  • Experience providing professional learning supports and services in and for consultative organizations
  • Experience coaching school and/or district leaders


  • Ability to travel to New York City DOE schools during normal school hours each week.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule to support operational needs.
  • Ability to perform the essential project, duties and responsibilities with or without accommodation.
  • All team members are expected to support program/project needs which could mean that you play multiple roles at Teaching Lab (i.e., project lead, support, subject matter expert, etc.). 
  • Travel could be required for the role.  Travel is determined based on business needs and can vary depending on partnership/contract requirements.

Program Manager (Coaching) for a 100+ employee (and growing) remote education non-profit providing professional learning to K-12 educators nationally

Type of Vacancy: Salaried, full-time

Start date: August-September 2024

Location: New…


El trabajo se puede realizar en o cerca de New York, NY
New York, NY, USA

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