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Avenida Manco Ccapac 155
Ciudad del Cuzco

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Cusimaky is an organisation located in San Jeronimo, a district of Cusco). Cusimaky, which means heart of a little bird, focusses on underprivileged children and their families. Those families are very poor and the father often has an alcohol addiction.

Cusimaky focusses on 3 main areas: nutrition, education and general development. Every day of the week (from Monday through Friday) we organise after school aid. We offer help with their homework and offer different workshops around emotions, writing skills, ... depending on their needs.

On Sunday we organize activities to stimulate the general development. Activities can be: working around self image, social skills, .. We try to make a lot of fun, so that they can be children again. We organize sport activities, birthday parties, ...

Every day of the project we provide a meal for the kids (most of our kids are underfed and have health problems). We also work on the area of hygiene and health.