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KATHMANDU,NEPAL, Nepal | http://www.cwcnepal.org
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All human beings are social creatures. Therefore, as a human being everyone wants to live in this society with mutual co-operation among different communities. It is known that when we are born, one day we have to die. It is what we do when we are alive that makes a difference and makes living worthwhile. Therefore, as human beings, it is our duty to help those in need, and then people will always remember us for the good things that we have done.

The Children’s Welfare Center program began in 2000 with funding from Mrs. Rupa Sunar. The purpose was, and still is, to give the poorest children, forced to live on the streets and impoverished parts of the country, a future. The program provides shelter, food, security, education, skills and opportunity in humanitarian ground. Unfortunately, this organization faces significant pressures that hinder its smooth operation. Lack of regular, reliable financial resources is the number one reason why The Children’s Welfare Center is limited in the assistance it can provide to the country’s most needy children. This challenger remains substantial in the lives of targeted children in their quest for a bright future and a safe, homely environment. The Children Welfare Center is a non-profitable and non-political organization. It relies exclusively on public and private donation to run its facility. It is a social worker organization registered with His Majesty’s Government of Nepal and is affiliated with the social welfare Council. Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries. Every year thousands of children leave their impoverished villages in search for work in the cities. Unfortunately, the cities exploit thousands of children for their cheap labor and the others are often found starving on the streets. Children in Nepal have been robbed of their childhood and this is precisely what The Children Welfare Center gives them back. Is this not what every child deserves? The Children Welfare Center receives children from all parts of the country. Many children are orphaned and many more have been abandoned or become the victims of social and political turmoil or natural disasters. We truly believe that a quality education in a loving family environment is the way to give these poor children the skills they will later need to live a self reliant, dignified life. Unfortunately in our profit driven world, the smallest of people, the children, suffer immensely as a result. Child labor, exploitation and starvation are daily taking their toll on Nepali children. We believe everyone has a right to a childhood, an education and a dignified future. At the Children Welfare Center we are currently providing this for 50 children from different backgrounds and castes. Children Welfare Center is a modest, but clean and safe living home in Lalitpur. We believe that with your and our help the children living here are given hope and hope brings joy into their innocent lives.

Unfortunately, due to financial problems we have often been impeded from performing certain activities. Since our organization does not get any financial support from the government or any political organization, we have to relay on donations and private funding. Most of our current support comes from concerned individuals around the world, but this has proven to be not enough to properly support the 50 children. We are always looking and working towards finding adequate funding so we can truly give these children the best home and education.


1. To provide love, care, support, food, and housing to the underprivileged children under its care in a secure and nurturing family environment. 2. To provide a quality elementary education 3. To ensure that children receive a proper high-school education. 4. To provide scholarships to the poor and needy children of Nepal 5. To provide the children adequate medical care and other necessary facilities to insure proper health for the children 6. Most importantly, we want to give them the skills they need so they can change their social positions and grow up to live self reliant, dignified lives.

If you or your organization is interested in helping provide for these children and their home, or if you are simply interested in our cause and would like more information, please contact us. We will gladly send you more information about our organization and the work we do. We accept donations of any kind, which include, clothing, school supplies, shoes, toys and of course financial funding. We also encourage volunteers from around the world to come and work in our orphanage. Know that in this poor country, a donation of any size will go a long way to making a difference for the children.


contact us in: Children Welfare Center G.P.O.8975, E.P.C. 636 Kathmandu, Nepal ph-0977-1-5560626 fax: 0977-1-4220161 E-mail: cwc@wlink.com.np


All human beings are social creatures. Therefore, as a human being everyone wants to live in this society with mutual co-operation among different communities. It is known that when we are born, one day we have to…

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