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Impact Investing Course Project Manager

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Impact Investing Course Project Manager volunteers

CrowdDoing.world is building an impact investing course for social entrepreneurs. We have content experts involved and have already recorded hours of it. We need Impact Investing Course Project Manager volunteers to to help us reach our target audience. We will then leverage our storytellers to ensure this information reaches people in a way that makes it accessible.

Volunteers should have comfort in collaborating in an inter-disciplinary capacity on instructional design.

Outline of Introductory Issues - Impact Investment for Social Entrepreneurs

1. Types of Capital (See these each as on a spectrum, from early/small to late/large)

1. Equity

a) Crowd Funding

- Can include Presale or Equity Sales

b) Early Stage/Seed

c) Round A VC

d) Later Round VC

e) Private Equity

f) Public Equity

2. Yield Product

a) Debt

-Venture Debt

-Private Debt

-Bank Loans

>Working Capital Loans

>Term Loans



>Rated - Publicly Traded in many cases

b)Other Yield Product

-Lease Company Models

-Revenue Participations

3. Concessionary Capital



-Program Related Investments

b) Donor Advised Funds

c) Government Sources

-Grants (very dispersed by agency, region etc)

d) Development Finance Institutions

-More Relevant for large infrastructure projects etc.

e) Blended Finance Structures

- Credit Enhancement - Often led by Foundations or DFIs

-First Loss


4. In-kind Participations/In-kind financing

a) Sweat-equity investing of time/angel employees

b) Contribution of product (examples of advertising or suppliers investing)

-Self-financing through reuse of product or service and/or its ingredients. This would include any time a social enterprise pivots and reuses what they had to build their next product or service.

1.Business Models (Spectrum Based on Capital Intensivity)

a) Virtual Companies - Software

b) Service Businesses


-Restaurants/Catering - example of larger capital need

-Hotels even more so


-Factories re quire up front capital

d) Infrastructure

-Very capital intensive - very long lived assets can allow them to be financed with long term capital.

Entity Structures

1. Private Entities

C Corp (can be publicly listed too)



B Corps

2. Quasi Public

Cooperatives and other Worker Owned Entities

Derek Razo or others could deepen this section

3. Non Profits 501c3s

Measuring Impact Potential

Detail of Tomas’ Edinburgh Stock Exchange listing requirements

Discussion of other rating systems

Theory of change - Essential for Pitching Foundations/Concessionary Sources

ToC approach can be counterproductive for private for profit entities

Systems entrepreneurship

Operating Leverage & Scale

Systems Change Flywheels

-Leverage for impact- intrinsic leverage vs extrinsic leverage

Service learning assignments:

Social enterprise case study evaluation

The only way CrowdDoing.world can realize its impact potential is through virtual volunteers,service learners(http://blog.reframeit.com/service-learning-and-skilled-volunteering/), and micro-leaders (https://real-leaders.com/leveraging-micro-leadership-to-make-aspirational-goals-achievable/) coming together.


See this brief video aboutMicro-leadership at CrowdDoing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhdB2YJ8Ocs&app=desktop). Micro-leadership means that each person adopts a dimension of responsibility for a collective problem in our society through collaborating on that area creatively individually and together through social innovation.


You are also welcome to see more background on CrowdDoing at our Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVoL7fai7oa95fBo44FC0gA?sub_confirmation=1).


Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/crowddoing.world/),


Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CrowdDoing-515295062320613) ,


LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/18910309/).

You can see a CrowdDoing Volunteering FAQ here.


If you have any questions about processes for joining CrowdDoing.world as a volunteer to support our efforts in systemic change please write to volunteerorientation@crowddoing.world

Impact Investing Course Project Manager volunteers

CrowdDoing.world is building an impact investing course for social entrepreneurs. We have content experts involved and have already recorded hours of it. We need Impact Investing…

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