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Faulu production Young refugees need your help to create a better future!

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Logo de Faulu Productions Community Based Organization

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Faulu Production Community Based Organization is a community based organization Created in 2015 and registered in 2017 in order to support vulnerable refugees, Empowering Disadvantaged Youths and Women, Caring for vulnerable Children and to address the refugees community needs and problems, being strategically located among the community,

the Faulu Production provide participatory development, education and empowerment skills by improving the life conditions of vulnerable individuals so that we can bear one another‘s burden.

 The Faulu Production particularly targets vulnerable refugees include: women, youths, Youth and orphans, the most vulnerable members of the society; it addresses issues of education, Agriculture and permacuture socio economic empowerment, film production, sexual reproductive health and environment.



Faulu production dream of a society where everyone can influence decision that affect their Health and create a community that is able to educate. 


Our mission is to promote youth talents and advocate for quality that access to health and lifelong learning and to improve life conditions for displaced people in kakuma Refugee camp,


Ø The objectives of Faulu Production is to established a sustainable community development institutes.

Ø Ensure community participation and involvement in social actions

Ø Develop capacity of community to manage their development projects

Ø To reduce the rate of crime in the community by keeping the youth busy trough group activities. 

Ø To create employment opportunities to the youth trough their talents and skills learned


Ø To empower the youth trough effective communication to raise basic life skills and allow them to educate others to transcend the harsh environment they have served.


In environment program, we have been planted 3000 Trees within 3months in partnership with LOKADO. The project has been funded by (EverGreenCoien USA).

-In Agriculture program we have distributed Seeds for vegetables to more than 300  refugee’s farmers in the camp. Project was funded by Seed For Peace USA .

- In Permaculture Garden, we have a farm or garden for Permacuture and well digging for supporting farmers. This Project which was funded by Permaculture Sustainable Communities Australia (Dave Harris).

-We achieved to build our office, supported by our partners from Australia.[Center for Hope Australia)

-In Film Production program, we trained 50 youths on acting, directing, script writing, shooting and editing. this project was funded by Marcelo Arruda (USA)

-In Education, we managed to build four classes for children education and adult learning and benches for classes. This program was funded by well wisher through fundraising of Amy, Richard, Harris and Bo.

 -In Relief program, we distributed clothing, basins, balls, pairs of shoes  , Books, pens, toothpaste to orphans, vulnerable, widows, youth team and students. this project was funded by Permaculture Sustainable Communities Australia


Office furnitures was funded by well-wisher Lynn Hope Thomas and Methodist - Church UK




Faulu Production have 61 staffs and all of them are volunteers








Mr.Asende Amadi Mayundo

Executive Director



Mr.Mulamba Placide Kituta

Exec. Assistant Director



Mss.Amy Naivasha Hooper

Program Manager



Mss. Sakina Kiriba

Assistant Program Manager



Mr.Richarg White

Field Coordinator



Mr. Yahya Mohamed Ali

Assistant Field Coordinator



Mr.Hussein Dewilo




Mss. Naomi Aluel

Assistent Secretary



Mr.Umbe Makyambe Fred




Mss.Suzan Achiech Akol

Assistant Treasure



Best Byarurema Leon




Mlasi Amuri

Assistant Logistics



Dave Harris

Fundraising Manager





Faulu Departments

These are the five departments within the organization, and our departments visions, We have put together some details on each of these departments below.

Women’s Empowerment

The Women Emowerment Department aims to educate and empower women within the through capacity building and Reproductive health.

 Many women within the camp would have to resort to prostitution in order to provide income for their families. The consequences of such are not only detrimental to the women themselves, but also contributes to the high rate of HIV/AIDs within the camp, as well as to the spread of other STDs. Similarly, this increases the birth rate within the camp dramatically, and single or widowed women find themselves with many children and no way to afford to provide for them.

We togather women together to support and educate each other on a more positive, wholesome way forward to support themselves and their families. Every week we gathering women together for a group meeting that which is holds twice a month. The women discuss the issues that facing, and we provides education on family planning and sexual education. also we empower women to become self-sustaining through economic training include hairdressing, tailoring,soap making etc.. and after the trainings, women are encouraged to start their own small businesses to generate income to support their families and take themselves out of destitution, early marriage, and prostitution.

 The women have started what they call a “Merry-Go-Round” initiative.(Micro Credit) This involves the women standing together as a community solidarity groups, together financially supporting one woman to begin her business and get off her feet, and this woman then returning the profits to the community to support the next woman.

Agriculture and Environment

 the Agriculture and Environment Department ai mis to promote economic growth and food security through sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurial development. To clean the air, protect the environment, and encourage the community to be self-sustaining through permaculture training and agribusiness initiatives.

  believes protecting the environment, and

This department team work together on the Faulu permaculture gardens in Kakuma 1, growing food for the refugee community to improve its nutrition and to encourage agribusiness. Many people around the community are encouraged by Faulu to grow their own gardens, but community members are welcomed by Faulu to use some of their produce, or help in the gardens. we currently have 61 primary beneficiaries for the agribusiness, and have so far supported 500 families within Kakuma to grow their own gardens. Faulu Productions hopes to one day extend our permaculture gardens throughout Kakuma Camps 2, 3, and 4, and the nearby Kalobeyei Camp. In order to expand we will need to be joined hand with other people of good will.

Seeds for Peace (USA) donate seeds to Faulu occasionally. While Faulu has managed to cultivate new seed from some of the crops grown, crops that are required to be harvested immediately need new seed each time.

Ultimately, Faulu Production hopes to train more of the community on good permaculture methods. We would like educational books to help this process, for himself and for others.

This department has also planted 3000 trees in the community last year, with the hope of keeping the soil together to prevent erosion and flooding, to provide shade from the intense sun, and to help clean the enveronment in the camp one bit at a time. Faulu Production walks around the camp educating the community on the benefit of protecting the environment, encouraging them to plant their own trees and keep the environment clean. He hopes to plant 30,000 trees in the next 5 years. 


In Education Department aims to provide and coordinate quality education and training for refugees in Kakuma, so as to transform their live conditions . In additional we support free tuition to under-achieving students in Mathematics and English, classes 2, 3, 4, and 5. We always encourage the community to send their children for free tuition. Packed full of drive we managed to improve the grades of our students, helping every student to sit their end of year exams. Faulu has just built three of its own classrooms, and one more is currently being built, which will be tremendously helpful for growth, as prior to this we had to rent church space and we found it very restrictive in terms of how many students they could teach.

Additionally, many adult students find themselves too embarrassed to attend lessons with primary school children, and out in the open with the community walking by. Now that Faulu has created its own classrooms, adult education class are going to start where these students can attend without feeling insecure, and the younger students can attend classes with the confidence that space for learning will be available each day. We teach the Kenyan curriculum for English and Mathematics, standards 2, 3, 4, and 5. 

Film Production

 The Film Production department aims to provide education and awareness to the community through youth using video, radio, theatre production and drama and help educate people in filming, editing, acting, script writer, and directing. This training will provide them with job opportunities in the future and help the students reach their dreams.

Many of the students want to learn about film in order to educate the community about issues such as early marriage, prostitution, sexual health and family planning. The students want to be able to express themselves through film and educate their community in a way that reaches everybody.

The hard-working, ambitious, and creative students of the film production department, of which there are 40 students, gather every day to practice.

Youth Development

The Youth Development Department aim’s to identify and improve young people’s talents in order to use them for the benefit of the community.

 Faulu Production walk around the camp trying to reach out to youth from the ages of about 15 to 25, to attend the seminars and either join or attend their performances. They have so far gathered 40 people into 8 groups between Kakuma 1 and Kakuma 3.

At seminars they provide information to the youth on sexual education and the consequences of drug abuse. we identify talents in each individual and try to assist them to use their talents. For example, we encourage the use of Drama and Music to provide education to the community on issues such as Malaria, HIV/AIDs, STDs, Drug Abuse etc.

we also provide counselling services to attendees. we would like to obtain further training in life skills so that we can support the community better, and to become self reliant in future. 







Faulu Production Community Based Organization is a community based organization Created in 2015 and registered in 2017 in order to…

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Our wishlistKnowledge


New Skills

Good communication

Film production equipment

Technology - phones, laptops etc

Office materials

Learning center construction .

Our wishlistKnowledge


New Skills

Good communication

Film production equipment

Technology - phones, laptops etc

Office materials

Learning center construction .

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