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Always progress is a community organisation designed to improve the outcomes and enhance the skill set of young people facing challenging circumstances.

We have designed a program that teaches a variety of skills these are:

Well-being, Target Setting, Music, Dance, and Videography.

These subjects break down into more fundamental intrinsic skills. The aim is for young people to learn transferable skills that can benefit them in multiple aspects of their life.

Job description

Practitioner/ Youth advisory board:

We are currently hiring volunteers.

This position is an amazing opportunity to make a difference in young people’s lives. Always Progress is a future focused community organisation that better the outcomes of young people by designing and delivering creative experience based programs.

Always Progress is a grassroots organisation that often draws on the experiences and skills within the community to benefit the next generation. As an organisation we aim to target young people in challenging situations who may be having difficulty becoming the best versions of themselves.

This newly founded organisation is an excellent place for new practitioners to gain experience and also for experienced practitioners to explore how they can specialise their practice.

We work with Schools, PRU’s, Social Care and other youth provisions. This is a great chance for growth, ideal to transition from a teaching assistant to a learning mentor or even design your own bespoke style of intervention while getting familiar with youth organisations.

Sessions are delivered both online and in person, we also offer “Mental Health First Aider” training and share good practice for mentors as quality of delivery is paramount to us and our young people.

We are a youth lead organisation prepared to engage with young people on their terms and we adapt delivery to best suit the cohort we are working with.

We find drawing young people’s focus to their wellbeing, self development and mental health through creative arts and physical activities creates some really exciting and rewarding outcomes and you can be a significant part of that process.

The Role: Mentor Practitioner/ Youth advisory board member:

The main focus of the Mentor/Practitioner is to create and deliver sessions. Mentors are expected to model positive behaviour, engage with young people and set activities. These activities will be set alongside learning questions to allow young people to explore and identify how they work best.

Applicants will have to be trained before they deliver programs, all mentors deliver online sessions with an experienced AP practitioner before delivering practically where they can hone their skills and work as a team.

As a new organisation we are recruiting volunteer mentors under a contract agreement that will advance to a freelance contract. This allows time for mentors to train and share good practice, which in turn, allows us to assure schools, provisions and organisations that all are

mentors are competent and confident with training and experience.


1. Read and adhere to Always Progress Safeguarding Policy and Procedure.

2. Read and adhere to Always Progress Data Protection Policy and Procedure.

3. Read and adhere to Always Progress Behaviour Policy and Procedure.

4. Read and adhere to Always Progress Equality and Diversity Policy.

5. Produce current DBS and CV (Record of Employment and Training).

6. When possible take part in training to advance skills and personal development.

7. When requested, create lesson plans for an agreed upon date.

8. Deliver online sessions at an agreed upon date and time.

9. Register students during sessions and provide feedback of progress or concerns.

10. Please inform Always Progress of any changes of circumstance that prevent you

11. from attending sessions, meetings or training 24 hours prior.

Job Type: Volunteer, freelancer

ALWAYS PROGRESS provided the following inclusive hiring information:

We are an equal opportunity employer and considers all qualified applicants equally without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, or disability status.

Always progress is a community organisation designed to improve the outcomes and enhance the skill set of young people facing challenging circumstances.

We have designed a program that teaches a variety of skills these are:


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