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English program coordinator in a tropical surf town in Brazil

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ETIV do Brasil
Itacaré, BA, Brasil
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ETIV is offering a fantastic opportunity for volunteers or interns interested in Teaching English as a second language to the children and youth of Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil. 

Our English Program Coordinator Position is perfect for volunteers and interns that have experience in teaching English and who are ready to take on the responsibility of actually coordinating and managing our English Language Program. This is an incredible experience for personal and professional development and it will be a fantastic addition to any resume in an increasingly competitive job market. In this position, volunteers and interns will receive ongoing supervision and support from an ETIV staff member, although the Coordinator will be responsible for developing the curriculum, creating new lesson plans and fun and interactive activities while also managing the project and supervising and supporting any other English volunteers that may also be present. Interns may also receive University credit for their work, where applicable.

Our Coordinator positions are our most advanced volunteer positions, which require the greatest amount of responsibility from volunteers as well as strong leadership skills. These positions are only suitable for more experienced volunteers who are looking to coordinate and manage one of our projects. In this position, volunteers will receive supervision from the director and assistant director, but will be expected to be creative self-starters, who can take initiative and solve problems without anyone micro-managing the work. In addition, our coordinators will be expected to help recruit, manage and support volunteers while empowering community leaders that work on the same project.

Importance of the role

One of the reasons why English is so important here is because tourism is the main economic driver in Itacaré. This means that students who receive English classes will have a much greater chance of finding work in the vast tourist Industry here. Furthermore, a part of the exam that must be taken for students to be able to receive a scholarship for university here, is offered only in English or Spanish - even though most low-income students that are attending public schools here are not receiving quality English lessons, if any at all!  Therefore, it is a valuable tool of empowerment that can change lives and helps promote social justice. To continue, there are also possibilities to offer English classes to adults here as well. Although it is highly recommended that applicants have some background or/or experience with teaching English prior to applying for this position, others are welcome to apply.

The ETIV English Program focuses mainly on targeting low-income children and youth who attend public schools and/or who would not otherwise have the opportunity to receive quality English classes. Most of our classes are not conducted in a local school, but instead in our own learning space next to the ETIV volunteer house.

Main responsibilities

  • Attend and help facilitate meetings with all of our English volunteers every week. 
  • Schedule meetings once every two weeks with your supervisor 
  • Support all English program volunteers
  • Connect with Volunteers coming to teach English with ETIV before they arrive and updating the newest manual. 
  • Continuously improving upon the structure, goals and outcomes of the program
  • To support development of the curriculum while also preparing the lesson plans and documenting everything so that it can be re-used and built upon in the future.
  • To take attendance and document outcomes including successes, challenges, and best practices for every class.
  • To teach many of the core values that lay the foundation for ETIV's work, also listed on our website.

Secondary responsibilities:

An important value at Etiv, is to allow the volunteer to grow and make use of all the strengths one may have. Therefore, we encourage all our volunteers to participate in our many projects and sometimes even create their own. You will need to assist in other programs if needed and participate in our monthly events. For example, we always plan a World Day event.


  • Interns must work at least 30 hour per week*
  • Fluency in Portuguese**
  • Minimum 3 month time commitment, but 4 to 6 months will be preferred

*Interns will receive a certificate of completion, which could be exchanged for university credit. Please refer to your university for more information

**For those who do not speak Portuguese, we do offer an audio class that you can listen to before arriving. 

Fees and pricing

This position is an unpaid and volunteer position that will allow the individual to contribute to this small community, learn Portuguese and Brazilian culture, as well as acquire organizational and leadership skills.

Furthermore, if you decide to stay in the Etiv complex you will need to pay for your accommodation please visit our website for more information on prices*: 

However, you are allowed to find your own accommodation, but a fee for training, materials, and a small donation to the Etiv organization will be required, totaling 300USD$. 

*Brazilian citizens receive 50% off if they decide to stay with us in our complex.


ETIV do Brasil is located in the beautiful fishing and surfing town of Itacare, Bahia. Our mission is to support development and environmental conservation in Brazil, with a deep focus on youth development.

Most interns can receive university credit while interning with our NGO. We can offer ongoing support and supervision and can help organize taxi pickups, local accommodations and even Capoeira or Portuguese classes. All volunteers and interns will also receive our Pre-Departure Powerpoint, and Introduction to the NGO, as well as a tour of Itacaré.

These positions are perfect for someone seeking meaningful volunteer or internship experience in a stunning location with a thriving Afro-Brazilian culture. Itacare is a unique place where the Rainforest meets the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful beaches, jungle, coconut trees, waterfalls and wildlife abound.

ETIV is offering a fantastic opportunity for volunteers or interns interested in Teaching English as a second language to the children and youth of Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil. 

Our English Program Coordinator Position is perfect for…

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R. Magali, 60 - Itacaré, BA, 45530-000, Brazil

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