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Volunteers Needed!

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Volunteers Needed!

Friendly Law’s mission is to provide future and current low-income law students with opportunities to begin and succeed in their professional journey. It is also to serve the community at large by making law friendlier, and thus, providing a better understanding of the interaction between law and the different aspects of their everyday life. Why? Because although law doesn’t need to be complicated, it is. And on top of that, ignorance of the law doesn’t exempt us from responsibility. Because of this dynamic, we see many falling victims of avoidable legal issues that not only take away their sense of agency, but also their capacity to pursue their dreams. Friendly Law has a deep passion and a strong commitment for the better understanding of the interconnection and role between law, technology, and communication in the shaping and sharing of power processes and decision-making processes affecting human and civil rights, as well as our everyday life.


Friendly Law aims to empower people and to prevent them from not pursuing their dreams. Which is why we are seeking volunteers to assist with the some of the internal positions within the organization, such as marketing, communications, and campaigning, as well as with research and project development.

The plan is to divide the volunteers in teams and then assign the teams to a member of our board which will serve as a mentor to the students in the team, and who will provide them with direction, guidance, and assistance in their work. By creating such partnerships, volunteers will be able to produce and provide strong researched content, teaching and mentoring, as well as obtain involvement with technology, advocacy, and policy development through our organization. Such opportunity will also help them build out their resumes and can later translate into more opportunities within their professional goals and dreams. And will help Friendly Law, a new nonprofit, to establish a blueprint for the organization to begin promoting its own mission and continue future operations.

Project Description

Some of the projects we have already designed and that students will be able to begin working with are "The Bar is on Us!" and “Don’t Skip the LSAT!”, a Bar Exam Scholarship and a LSAT Scholarship for low-income Law Students and recently graduated students; and the promotion of "The Adventures of Bill" A series of law books for children like “The Rights of Bill: A Bill of Rights Book for Kids,” to empower children and promote the introduction of such important knowledge at an earlier age. Volunteers will have creative freedom to produce and work with their own marketing campaigns for the projects, as well as to produce digital content that they will be able to later promote to our audiences through our own social media platforms and webpage. In short, they will work together with their mentors on weekly meetings to put together the campaigns, to promote them on social media and our webpage, to measure audience engagement, to work on the scholarships’ applications, and more.

Other projects where students will be able to collaborate and even develop their own ideas and/or content are Educational Workshops, a Professional Attire Donation Program, Online Journals for publications, and more. In short, both the organization, and the volunteers will greatly benefit from this project.  

Outcomes and Timelines

As mentioned before, as a new nonprofit, volunteers will have the valuable opportunity to be part of the launching process and stablish a blueprint for the organization to continue future operations. Which is something that can help them build up their Resumes and search for more professional opportunities in the future.

Friendly Law’s initial and main goal is to develop an initial campaign to promote who we are and the scholarships we want to develop, so we can reach as much people as we can. Our main audience are low-income recent graduates, and 2L and 3L law students, as well as society at large; all genders and all ages. Because we are ambitious but also realistic, we have set as our first timeframe the period of time from January 1, 2022, to May 31, 2022, or the Spring semester, with weekly measurements, to reach the goal of $5,000 through direct donations and student’s applications for both scholarships. If reached, we will be able to grant at least one Bar Exam scholarship for the July 2022 and/or the February 2023 exam, and at least one LSAT scholarship for any of the upcoming exams available for students. 

Friendly Law’s mission is to provide future and current low-income law students with opportunities to begin and succeed in their professional journey. It is also to serve the community at large by making law friendlier, and thus, providing a…

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To apply please submit your resume and cover letter describing your key skills, qualifications and experiences, as well as your interest in volunteering with Friendly Law.   

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