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Godzway, Inc. based in Millbrook, Al started with the sole purpose of meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of people who suddenly found themselves in crisis situations, a crisis being defined as a sudden life-altering event such as illness, death, or tragedy of any kind.

Our Mission: to offer products that build faith and inspire social change within our communities.

Vision: to inspire our community to foster a sense of connectedness through programs dedicated to people struggling in crisis.

Our products [Inspirational gift set with message of hope] promote faith, social engagement within the community and support services offered by our programs.

Our services provide group support and referral services for those experiencing crisis.

Areas of Service:

Behavioral health is an early indicator for mental health and wellness issues therefore Godzway, Inc. is working to advance mental health and well-being by offering products and services that promote prevention, early intervention, and effective treatment of mental health related issues. Our goal is to address social, emotional, and mental health challenges through a network of local affiliates.

What Are Benefits of Early Detection?

Early detection and intervention can help to build up the social and emotional skills which are so essential for life, support future good mental health, and discourage risky behavior such as substance abuse. To assist us in Identifying early indicators of mental health we have developed a program called the My Shared Faith Cares Program that offers products and collaboration opportunities to other non-profits and affiliates who have access to large groups of people who could benefit from our services.

Special areas of research:

Covid 19:  As many of us navigate the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be challenging to understand what role our faith and spirituality play. Many have found their faith and spiritually tested without direction. We have also been closely monitoring the estimated impact of COVID-19 on behavioral health-related morbidity and mortality.

Volunteers Needed:

We need volunteers to help us communicate our services to potential nonprofit partners, facilitate group support services with clients and respond to inquiries from individuals interested in taking part in the program. 

The volunteer will work under the direction of the Executive Director participating in areas that match their professional skills. 

Professional Qualifications:

• A student or professional of mental health, and/or someone with "lived," personal experience.

• Excellent communication skills (oral and written), particularly in listening and ability to convey a respectful, empathetic tone, over the phone, email, or SMS/chat communication.

• Analytical ability with problem-solving skills and resourcefulness for assessing a help seeker's needs and finding correct resources in a timely manner.

• Basic knowledge of mental illnesses, treatments, recovery, and mental health care systems with an interest in learning more.

• Ability to conduct basic internet research quickly while simultaneously managing a phone conversation or SMS/Chat session.

• Verbal bilingual English/Spanish ability strongly welcomed.

Personal Qualities:

• Demonstrated reliability, professionalism, and punctuality.

• Respect and compassion for people affected by mental or behavioral health conditions with desire to help

• Ability to manage emotionally stressful situations with positive spirit and open-mindedness.

• Passion and availability to learn about mental health conditions, resources, and behavioral health system.

• Willingness to take initiative to seek help when needed, and ability to accept and implement constructive feedback.

• Maturity and patience to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences while demonstrating empathy to facilitate respectful dialogue with callers experiencing emotional distress.

Godzway, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 27-1621523. Donations are tax-deductible.

Godzway, Inc. based in Millbrook, Al started with the sole purpose of meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of people who suddenly found themselves in crisis situations, a crisis being defined as a sudden life-altering event such as…

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