A Christian Volunter needed



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Mañanas entre semana


Tiempo parcial (10-30 hrs/sem)


A largo plazo (6 meses - 1 año)


Fundacion Sal y Luz
al Frente del Jardin Botanico
Vereda Pilas del Cabuyal
Santiago de Cali
Valle del Cauca


Non-Profit organization with a couple of Christian projects is looking for volunteers. The foundation works with mothers head of the house and children of low income homes of the community.

The responsibilities are: been able to help part-time in the mornings 5 days a week, do the cooking for the volunteers group (initially 2 or 3). keeping all areas used clean, help the projects to develop in a growing direction, work in teams, be loving and compassionated, have some art ability like Music or painting or crafts or teaching and perhaps the capacity to organize sport events with the children or guide the single mothers in need to develop entrepreneur activities helping to improve their living standards, do some finca work sometimes.

The qualifications are: a person with the capacity of commitment for 3 to 6 months, able to supply his/her own food supplies, with knowledge of the Word of Jesus, willing to do some reach out in the communities around the foundation, know Spanish to communicate with the community or willingness to teach English to adults or children.

In the afternoons and weekends the volunteers are free to do their own activities.

We have Internet and cable and some table games as well as musical instruments for the recreation of the volunteers. Besides the premises of the Foundation are 5 and a half hectares of land that the missioner can enjoy it with a football field, tennis courts, area for music rehearsal and a salon for congregation, animals, organic garden, lakes, trees, a river next door with a pool to swim, free clean air, close to metro bus to the city of Cali. Safe neighborhood.


  • Formación incluida
  • Alojamiento disponible
  • Apoyo cultural y con el idioma


  • Grupos
  • Familias
  • Voluntarios internacionales

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