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Km 70 ruta del Spondylus
sitio Don Juan
cantón Jama


Through formal and informal educational programs FAMM strives to better the lives and widen the economic and human opportunities for girls and women in a tiny fishing village in the north coast of Ecuador devastated by a 7.8 earthquake. 

We started organizing meetings with the neighbors soon after the earthquake hit. We needed to distribute donations that arrived. This was difficult since we didn´t know everyone and there was no structure or leadership in the village we had so recently settled in. We figured that if we invited people for a gathering we could talk and learn about their needs and dilemmas. Due to the grimness of everything that was going on, it was imperative to try and have some fun.  We turned to bingo, instead of the conventional numeric chart, we offered vocabulary boards. They laughed and teased each other over their mistakes. 

This was a breakthrough and has been our main lead: all our activities are driven by a fun loving spirit that includes learning something new in a stress free atmosphere. We strive to remove the feeling of inadequacy, no matter the age. Our Children´s Library includes volunteer lodgings in a beautiful bamboo house. You will have the house for yourself (2 volunteers at a time) the kitchen is fully equipped so you can prepare your meals.

Since we are dedicated to educational programs teaching experience is very much welcomed, but is not mandatory. You should be able to communitacte in Spanish to help children wth their homework. Since an educational program needs continuity, volunteers stay with us at least 8 weeks at least, teaching English, Math, Science, Music or Geography, Sports or crafts. You should be able to read in Spanish and English to the children. We are helping the local grade school with English as a second language and we host Library day, once a week.

We encourage couples to come and stay with us and we need to make sure they are a gentle easy going couple, because during your term with us, we as a team, embody gender dynamics free of violence. Children come to understand that domestic violence is not natural or unavoidable.  This is the perfect place and project to learn from the local culture and share your knowledge and skills.

This Library advocates simple bylaws: don´t shout; don´t hit. By respecting these basic norms children and women found a safe haven among books, especially during the difficult times after the earthquake, when they had to endure a housing crisis that increased their vulnerability.  

Cuota obligatoria


  • Formación incluida
  • Alojamiento disponible
  • Apoyo cultural y con el idioma


  • Grupos
  • Familias
  • Voluntarios internacionales

Cómo aplicar


We would like to hear from you. Please tell us something about yourself:

Why would you like to come and work with us?

What would you say could be your most important contribution?

Have you any teaching experience?

Do you consider yourself mature? autonomous? reliable?

Do you get along with children? how?

How old are you? Do you think age makes a difference when dealing with kids?

Are you a healthy, strong person?

How do you feel in a rural or natural environment?

Are you outgoing?

Can you cook? if not, would you like to learn?

Do you have allergies or diet restrictions?

Do you need detailed instructions?

How do you handle unforeseen situations?

Are you communicative?