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Supervisor Volunteer Center Sint Maarten

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Upper Prince's Quarter, Sint Maarten, Isla de San Martín
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Supervisor Volunteer Center Sint Maarten


Sint Maarten is still rebuilding and recovering from the devastating impacts of hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. On top of this, COVID-19 is having a severe economic impact on the local economy and community. Due to the back to back crisis, the supply of fresh food has become insecure. To reduce dependence on food imports in the future, large-scale agriculture is necessary to make Sint Maarten less vulnerable and more self-sufficient. There are reserved plots of land to start community gardening and hurricane challenged food cultivation and tillage. We want to move forward with further developing and supporting local agricultural projects on Sint Maarten. This is why Vicky’s Keys is looking for new Volunteering colleagues ASAP!

  • We are a Non-profit organization and the only Volunteer Center with Eco focused Hostel department on Sint Maarten Dutch West Indies

Vicky's Keys is located in The Keys a little village in the area called Sucker Garden. Located right across the salt pond we are just a 2 mile distance from Philipsburg, Dutch side Capital.

The Volunteers Center

At Vicky’s Keys volunteer members work and or live together as a community. All income generated via Vicky’s Keys initiatives and its volunteer members goes into a common pool. This income is used to run all initiatives, pay bills, make investments, and guarantee mutual and reciprocal aid and responsibility between volunteering members. Living and working at Vicky’s Keys means sustaining a self-sufficient community, the collective as well as the work ethic plays a major role. With 6 single beds and 1 queen size bed (private room) currently 8 volunteers per month can stay at Vicky's Keys. In future more space will be made available for recruited volunteers.


Vicky’s Keys Hostel is a budget-oriented dormitory accommodation that accepts individual travellers (typically backpackers) for short-term stays, and that provides common areas and communal facilities. This means the majority of our guests shares the sleeping area, bathroom and kitchen. Except guests who sleep in the private dorm rooms and or studios, they wouldn’t have to share everything with other guests. With 10 single beds and 2 queen size beds (private room and studios) a maximum of 16 persons per night can stay at our hostel.

Are you our new Supervisor?

To fulfil this role it is a must to be familiar with agriculture (farming, kitchen-gardening) because most food ingredients are cultivated in our gardens. A background in facility management and or hostel or hospitality operations to manage all aspects of Vicky’s Keys is required. Your leadership skills has to be spot on to manage and guide a group of volunteers who will be working and if applicable living at Vicky’s Keys. Furthermore you need to be smart, fun, love to landscape and garden, eager to learn more about Vicky's Keys applied Eco Lifestyle, love to host guests, love to cook/BBQ, love music and create a great experience for our guests and volunteers.

What are the tasks?

Task hours varies per day and depends on the guest occupancy. You will cover all duties, which are:

Landscaping and gardening:

  • Setting up the "Kitchen Garden" nursery department.
  • Maintaining our Perma-cultured Kitchen Gardens and Aquaponics (fishes) & Hydroponic system.
  • Assist with Gardening Courses and Workshops.
  • Taking care of our fishes and other animals.

Eco Projects management

  • Recruitment, supervision and guidance of volunteers for the Eco- projects who will work at the development of the Agricultural Projects (Community Gardens and Community Supported Agriculture site) and The Keys Market Project.

Facility management

  • Managing and buying stock.
  • Managing day to day maintenance and contacting specialists for maintenance when you need to.
  • Cleaning, laundry management.
  • Website / social media updates. Ensuring when guest and volunteers post their feedback they mention that both Vicky’s Keys and you are awesome!

Guest bookings (when occured)

  • Bookings management, check-in and check-out of guests.
  • Preparing breakfast for guests.
  • Cooking / bartending (e.g. happy hour, bbq, pick-nick events)


  • Starting ASAP based on a volunteer contract (*).
  • This opportunity would better suit someone looking for a longer term stay in one location at least 8 months.
  • Preferably American/ Canadian or an EU passport holder.
  • You speak English fluently and your writing skills are up to par.
  • If you speak other languages then that's a plus.
  • A driver’s license is a must.
  • Gardening skills is a must!
  • Being able to clean/sell fish
  • Being in good health

Mind you staying at Vicky's Keys is a life style! You will live on location, supervise recruited volunteers and take care of guests when booked. You will care for the property (technical duties) and help make the Volunteers Centre & Hostel a success from A-Z. With all of this we also hope you will have lots of fun and enjoy living in paradise called Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin.

Besides the above mentioned we aim to develop alternative means of income for the hostel such as beach pick-nicks, boating, pub/cafe crawls, bike rentals, drink/food selling, any funky ideas you have that are doable and can be enjoyed by you as well are welcome.

What you get in return?

  • A place called home on St. Maarten for at least a season (12 months).
  • More Non-profit and Charity management experience.
  • More Hospitality management experience.
  • Meeting lots of people from all walks of life.
  • A private room in our Staff Apartment.
  • Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) & (non-alcoholic) Beverages
  • Company Transportation.
  • Company Phone.
  • Company Clothing.
  • Pocket money - a percentage of the monthly nett Turn Over. Pocket money is reserved every month. The amount is based on the monthly nett turnover from the work branch the volunteer is assigned to.
  • Option to be offered a paying Job on contract(*)

(*) Based on overall good performance and reached targets this position will turn into an employment with definite contract according to a benchmarked salary in the position as manager.

For your own account

  • International covered Insurance.
  • Travel costs to and from St. Maarten DWI.

Note:This position is best for couples without (young) children (e.g. preschool up to secondary education) and without pets. Dogs and Cats are not allowed.

We offer the opportunity to add your input to this little space in paradise allowing others to work and sleep there and having the best time in life!

You think you can add to our concept? Then send in your application and resume.

More info about Vicky's Keys

Website: www.vickyskeys.com

Social media: www.facebook.com/vickyskeys


Sint Maarten is still rebuilding and recovering from the devastating impacts of hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. On top of this, COVID-19 is having a severe…

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    0:00 GMT-4
    4:00 UTC
  • Fecha de finalización
    1 de noviembre de 2023
    23:59 GMT-4
    3:59 UTC
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    Días laborables
  • Flexibilidad
    Tiempo completo (30+ hrs/sem)
  • Frecuencia
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  • Aceptamos Voluntarios Internacionales



Vicky's Keys

The Keys Rd, Sint Maarten
¿Cómo llegar?

Vicky’s Keys is approximately a 20 minute drive from Princess Juliana International Airport. Straight across Philipsburg you will find the suburb called Sucker Garden. To reach our location you will have drive to Sucker Garden passing Philipsburg.

Coming from Philipsburg on the Sucker Garden road.

On your left: you’ll pass the Gas station.

On your right: you’ll pass the Guana Bay road.

Drive until you see on your right a Super Market called “FRESH POND SUPERMARKET”. Or the sign “Welcome to Sucker Garden”.

Then take the first road on your right called KING OF THE SEA ROAD.

Make a right turn, you’ll be driving on a bank, continue driving to the 3rd bridge. DON’T TAKE THE 4TH BRIDGE this is to far off.

Turn left at the 3rd bridge and continue driving. This road is called THE KEYS ROAD.

On your right: pass the street called Sedums Cactus road.

Continue driving until you see on your left the sign “VICKY’S KEYS on a painted big rock.

Make a left turn at this sign and you’ll see a parking lot.

You have arrived at Vicky’s Keys!

You can also google our location to see where we are precisely located.

Good luck and we hope to welcome you soon!

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